Assignment Help On Marketing Ethical and Unethical

It is evaluated by the marketing assignment help experts that marketing helps the customers to meet their related to expected products and features such as price, quality, etc. Yet, it is also assessed that sometimes, unethical practices are followed and used by the firms for marketing the organizational products. In this, it is assessed that to make more appealing to customers for organizational products, unethical activities are followed by the firms while showing ads on the internet in terms of hiding real information or showing related information in the bottom in tiny fonts like “conditions apply”.

It refers that to attract and shape the customers’ wants and needs, unethical activities are also used by the marketers. It also refers that to create a desire among the customers towards unnecessary products marketing plays a crucial role. Similarly, it is also assessed that marketing creates unnecessary needs and wants among the customers through using celebrities or famous people to advertise products of the companies. For example, Nike uses Michael Jordan as brand ambassador to attract the customers and shows that through wearing shoes of Nike, how well he plays basketball and jump highly.

Through seeing this ad, customers who like Michael Jordan, purchase the shoes of Nike without having need of them to play basketball like him and jump as high as him. It refers to that sometime; marketing creates unnecessary customers’ needs and wants. In addition, our marketing ethics assignment help experts say that it is also found that marketers also advertise the products that are harmful to the health of customers, although the firms know about the negative impact or side effect of that product.

An unseen force is put by the firm above the customers behind using those types of products. Similarly, negative results also hide by the firms to sell products that show the unethical activity of the marketers. It also refers that contradictory activities are followed by the firms such as dangerous for health and help to reduce tensions that also creates unnecessary needs and wants among the customers. For example, Companies advertise cigarettes that are dangerous for health. Similarly, competition is increasing rapidly in the competitive marketplace that also forces the firms to adopt more creative and innovative advertisements to attract the customers. It also creates unwanted desire among customers. So, it can be inferred that marketing has the power to encourage the customers to purchase the products or service those really they do not have need or want.

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