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A customer is also known as a client, buyer or purchaser of a particular product or services. Customers are the important element for the growth and success of the business assignment Service Writing Service  organization.  As per the “American marketing association” there are several types of customers such as loyal, discount, impulse, need-based customers, and wandering Customers.

Royal customers: These types of customers are less in the numbers.

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These types of customer would be important for the business organization. It is because royal customer would promote more sales and profit to the business organization as compared with other customers.  In addition, the royal customer will tell directly to the business organization about the problems associated with the product/services.

In this way, royal customers would improve products or services of the business organization. Royal customers will ultimately increase sales, market share and dominance for the success of the organization. Along with this, royal customer will be willing to pay more for the product and service. Royal customers also increase the business reputation/goodwill and reduce organizational inefficiency of the business organization in the local as well as in the international market.Hence, a business organization should attract loyal customers for the overall growth and success in the global economy.

Need-Based CustomersMarketing Assignment Help experts tell that these types of customers are the special types of customers, because they have a specific intention to buy a particular type of item. Additionally, these types of customers buy a particular product or services on the regular basis from the organization. In the same manner, these types of customers would be beneficial for the business organization to increase the profits on the regular basis. Hence, business organization should attract need based customers to generate the long term profit & revenues.