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Benefit Program – HRM Assignment Help Within the organization, benefit programs have several effects on behavior and working process of employees along with their total out-puts. As per assignment help expert Followings are benefit programs and their effects on the performance of employees with their organization: Employee Retention: This benefit program facilitates the employees in the form of extra salary, bonuses and other non-wage cash payment that could be based on their past performance, and working behavior (Costo, 2006). It is used by the management of organization to attract, hold and motivate its employees for the accomplishment of organizational objectives. It makes an optimistic impact on the employees by that they ensure their higher and valuable participation in all operational activities themselves (Werner & DeSimone, 2008). It also benefits for the organization due to availability of finished goods that makes a good image of organization by the timely delivery of products in front of customers. So, it can change the internal working environment of organization that could help to make huge profits for its stakeholders.

Extra payments for timely work: Within organization, the timely work has its own importance. It contains extra payment instead of daily wages because the completion of work at a time or before time that can help an organization to make sure the availability of finished goods to meet the demand of the customers. It has an effect in the form of mutual relationship with employees for that they would like to do work at any time on the requirement of organization. Therefore, instead of regular workforce, there could be the availability of extra employees that facilitates the management of organization to choose best productive employees for their significant operational processes (Barnett & Ackerman, 2006). Through it, organization could be able to defeat the impact of its business rivals by the help of skilled human power. Payments for employee security: The life of employees is so important for the rational development of organization. So, payments for the security of productive employees may consider several benefit programs like life insurance, medical and disability insurance, and compensation in the duration of unemployment that can help their family in any undesired situations. Therefore, this benefit program helps to enhance satisfaction among employees by that they can feel valued and secured (Labor Department & Labor Statistics Bureau, 2010). With the help of this, employees could be able to change their negative attitudes into positive for making huge organizational profits.

Therefore, the financial development of organization helps to change its infrastructure for the benefits of its stakeholders. Training programs: Training programs may contain several theoretical and technological programs related to the procedures and knowledge of critical operating process, uses of advanced technology for reducing cost of operation and to improve organizational profitability, and different motivational programs. These benefit programs motivates the employees to convert their unskilled working approaches into skilled approaches that can reduce the employee turnovers along with their continued efficient and profitable performance (Shelton, 2001). With the help of great number of skilled human resources, organization can sustain itself in competitive marketplace and can ensure profitability.

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