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Differentiate between coaching and mentoring. Provide an example to support how either of the two was used successfully in your current or past work life.


Coaching and Mentoring Definitions: Coaching can be defined as the result and goal oriented process that stimulates changes in individuals and groups through self directed learning. On the other hand, mentoring is mutual learning relationship in which individuals help each other in attaining career and personal development by using role modeling, counseling etc. In other words, mentoring can be defined as the assistance provided by mentor to mentee to facilitate transition in terms of skills, knowledge and thinking level (Business Assignment Help on Success Theories).

Differences: Coaching has a set direction, while mentoring is an on-going relationship. Coaching is structured, while mentoring can be informal. In coaching, meetings take place as per the schedule. On the other hand, in mentoring, meetings can be done as per the needs. Coaching is short term and focuses over specific issues or areas of development (HR Case Study Assignment Help). In contrast, mentoring is long term and focuses over the broader view of development. Focus of coaching is generally on the development of individuals at work. Contrary to this, in mentoring, the focus is on the personal and career development. In other words, in coaching, development of individuals is based on specific issues, while in mentoring the focus is on the professional development of mentee. In coaching, the agenda is based on attaining specific goals. On the other hand, in mentoring, the mentee sets the agenda with support of mentor.


Example Mentoring helped me in completing my assignment on time. Before two months, I got an assignment based on integrated marketing communication. I was not aware about this concept before receiving this particular assignment. I asked my mentor to help me out in completing the assignment. My mentor guided, advised and helped me in collecting required material needed to address each step of that assignment. My mentor provided me some basic tips required to proceed with such kinds of assignments in a systematic manner. He guided me how to proceed with assignment. My mentor also provided me some notes based on integrated marketing communication (IMC) and their role in developing a market campaign that was the main theme of my assignment. I had to also make a power point presentation over IMC and its role in marketing. My mentor also assisted me on how to prepare an effective, illustrative and structured power point presentation. The guidance provided by my mentor helped me in increasing my knowledge, skills and ability to proceed with major assignments.

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