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Positive writing is advisable in every type of business communication in order to reduce the conflicts among members. Positive writing is basically focused towards the positive attitude of the company towards customers. It has been analyzed that if the company do not extend the credit of the customer, then it is not necessary that customer will not repeat the sales. Through the positive writing, company can be able to influence the customers to buy the product and services of the company. Further, company should also fulfill the other requirements of the customers.


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Positive approach towards customers even after declining the request will be helpful in making the long-term relationship with customers. Positive writing for communication purpose is useful in attracting the customers. It is not necessary that company has to maintain the goodwill, when they do not want to sell it to the readers. It is because, positive writing is helpful in making the communication effective, through online business assignment help which company can be to develop the supportive working environment. Maintenance of internal environment does not need the goodwill of the company. Therefore, positive writing in business communication is useful in providing satisfaction to the customers.


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