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Business Learning and Development Assignment Help Areas of Learning and Developing

There are several areas of learning and development that would be emphasized by leaders for talent management initiative. These areas include personal, social and emotional development such as making relationship, self-care, self-confidence and self-esteem etc. Another area is communication, language and literacy that consider the way of writing, reading and speaking the language to communicate in the organization (Business law assignment help). Problem solving, reasoning and numeracy are the area that helps to learn, calculate and shape problem to solve it.

Knowledge and understanding of the world enhance the knowledge, skills and experience of the leaders and help to develop their talent. Physical development and creative development both are the areas of development that develop physical and mental knowledge (Silzer & Dowell, 2010). If the organization were developing the talent of non leaders, it has to change some areas that are important to change the employees. It is essential to generate new generation of leaders in all the industries in both booms and busts. There are some changes emphases to correct the assumption that hinder the development of senior manager (business assignment  experts). There are some mistakes also done by the organization to develop potential leader. For example, the organizations assume that the employees are engaged and get stimulating to work. They also make a mistake to assume that current high performance will be for future potential, but it is not assured. The organization cannot rely on promoting new leader due to all the reasons. Learning and development should not be restricted in the job-specific learning or other areas of learning. The job related learning requires new skills and knowledge about the job that can be obtained from learning and development. The leader should work in the foster learning and developing environment that is helpful to achieve the organizational success. These organizational needs require development in skills and knowledge of the potential leader (Feeney, & Krieger, 2007). Thus, the leader must be a learner to get new knowledge for attaining organizational goals and objectives. Learning and development are important for a leader to participate in the decision-making. Both of these enhance technical ecological and behavioral skills of the leader.

We also offers business development case study help to our clients. There are some techniques of reframing mental models around the leadership. Mental models can be effectively reframed by these techniques in the organization that help new leader to act as a leader. First, family and systemic therapies are used to reframe the thinking and mental model of new leader. Second, the organization can reframe the mental model through intervention in other psychotherapies such as introducing new ideas, new point of views, new thoughts and perspectives etc (Mattila, 2001). These psychotherapies also include personal construct therapy, cognitive therapy, cognitive-behavioral therapy and rational emotive behavior therapy.

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