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Business Process and Methodologies  Assignment Help Business Process

The business process can be defined as a set of logically related tasks that are performed in order to achieve a defined business outcome. For example Assignment help, value chain plays a critical role to define business process effectively. It is because value chain is derived on the basis of different logical tasks and performed to achieve organizational outcomes. New product development is also a business process, which includes different tasks and processes from purchasing raw material to develop new product (Chang, 2005).

Business Process Methodology:

Business process methodology helps the companies to manage their business processes in effective way. Different business process methodologies such as Rummler Brache PDL methodology, ARIS and DMAIC methodology also provides strength to the validity and necessity of existing working practices and justifies and compares potential changes in the organization (Raynus, 2011). These methodologies are helpful for the companies to define specific goals and the actions in order to achieve outcomes.

Relationship between Business Processes and Information System:

Due to changes in technology, information system changes the business processes within the organizations. Business processes and information system has a strong relationship that influence both in positive way. In organizations, business processes are conducted under the supervision of information systems. It helps the companies to conduct effective business processes. It is because through the effective information system, companies enable to provide all the necessary information to the employees and support to manage business processes effectively (Business Development Assignment Help). Information system also supports one business process end-to-end. It is identified that all activities in the business process are supported by information system that create a strong relationship between business process and information system in effective way. Information system also integrates several business processes. For example, ERP system not only supports in completing business processes, but also creates effective interaction between these business processes (Aalst & Stahl, 2011).

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