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Turkell Stud Mill Case Study Assignment Help Case Study Assignment Help ExampleCase Study Assignment Help Example Introduction Turkell Stud Mill is the part of an international wood product corporation that produces dimensional lumber for building or construction industry (Sower, 2010). Currently, the company incurs losses due to problem in their incoming inspection process and missing of short blocks during the inspection. The firm purchases between 250000 to 300000 logs per year from independent loggers those transport logs through trucks in the range of 20 to 50 logs. On the basis of last six month performance of milling operations, it is found that 4.23% of incoming logs are shorter than block length as well as 10% blocks are short. It is the main reason of losses of $9 per short blocks. To improve efficiency of incoming inspection process and reduce losses, the management of Turkell hired a quality consulting firm.

Recommendations After evaluating the case study, some recommendations are made that can help the management of Turkell to reduce their losses that incurs due to missing of short blocks during the incoming log inspections. Currently, Turkell faces the problem of shorting of number of logs as compared to block length that incurs loss for the company due to loss of finished inventory or loggers. The main recommendations are discussed below – The management should use statistical sampling inspection method that can help to reduce inspection costs of current incoming inspection process of the company (Sower, 2010). In this way, acceptance sampling can be useful for Turkell to accurately measure length of logs before sending to mills. Acceptance sampling is an “end-of-line” inspection process that can help Turkell to reduce their losses from current level by increasing inspection time and conducting sampling through using attributes and variables (Longenecker & Loeza, 2010). The company should use this method in their incoming inspection process, because it is less expensive and time consuming as compared unloading the trucks in inspection area. Some of the others recommendations are as below –

  • The management of firm should increase automation in their operations especially in incoming inspection log procedure that can help to improve efficiency and quality of process.
  • At the same time, the management should give instruction to their inspection staff to create a reviewing checklist that contains information about specific inspection points, quantity of logs and blocks per truck, and comment regarding the status logs quantity in blocks. Checklist can be helpful for the company to reduce or eliminate possibility of shorting of number of logs in blocks by reviewing the management before transporting to mills (Longenecker & Loeza, 2010).
  • In addition, the management of Turkell can use statistical control process with their existing incoming inspection log process that may help the firm to improve efficiency and reduce costs. The process can be useful for the firm to access quality and efficiency of inspection process through comparison of actual performance and quality standards of inspection process (Bragg, 2011). Along with this, the management of the company can use control chart with this process to control errors during the incoming inspection process by adopting advance computer based technology (Longenecker & Loeza, 2010).

All these are some of the methods, tools or approaches that can be helpful for Turkell Stud Mill’s management to eliminate problem of logs shorten in shipment, ensure 100% inspection in incoming inspection process, and reduce losses of the company from current level.

References Bragg, S.M. (2011). Obtaining Debt Financing. USA: John Wiley & Sons. Longenecker, J.G & Loeza, E.T. (2010). Small business management (14th ed.). USA: Cengage Learning. Sower, V.E. (2010). Essentials of Quality with Cases and Experiential Exercises. USA: John Wiley & Sons.

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