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Get business assignment help on the following question: Have you experienced cognitive dissonance since you made the decision? If so, how did the dissonance affect you? If you resolved the dissonance, how did you do so?    Cognitive Dissonance Assignment Help Yes, I have faced cognitive dissonance since I made the decision. I was surprised after implementing the decision. It is so, as the response of employees to attend the training and development programs was not as positive as it was expected in starting.

Along with this, I had to also take approval of HR department for implementing new training and development programs, as initially the HR personnel was not agreed over the program execution due to time and cost involved in organizing the programs. Moreover, I had to convince the employees to attend the training and development programs by explaining to them the existing benefits of those programs. All these events developed a sort of anger within me due to the poor response of employees and HR personnel towards training and development activities.

Effect of Cognitive Dissonance: This response of employees affected my motivation to resolve out the problem of lower employee performance. Furthermore, due to this dissonance, time management and planning related to training and development programs were also get affected. As a result of this, I had to make several arrangements in my other plans that really affected my important business strategies and planning.

Resolution of Cognitive Dissonance: I resolved the dissonance by adopting my communication and critical thinking skills. Firstly, I convinced the HR personnel to implement new training and development program by showing them the future benefits of these activities. Next to this, I convinced the employees by explaining both the pros and cons of training and development activities. As a part of pros, I explained that if they attend the training and development programs with willingness, it will really help them in improving performance and attaining higher appraisals in future. At the same time our assignment help stated that, I also explained the cons of not attending the training programs to employees.

As a part of this, I explained that if they do not take participation in these learning programs, it will be counted in their negative points from performance point of view by their managers. Along with this, I also explained that resistance towards learning activities will also result into poor performance appraisals and employee layoff in several conditions. As a result of this, I communicated both rewards and punishment of training and development programs to the employees. It helped in securing their commitment and willingness to attend the learning activities without any resistance

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