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Conflict Management Strategies – Case Study Assignment Help Experts The strategies to manage workplace conflict are basically grouped in three forms namely win-lose strategy, lose-lose strategy and win-win strategy. Win-lose strategy is applied when two parties of an organization does not agree to a solution. Through this strategy, one party achieves its goal at the expense of the other that resolves conflicts in effective manner. Managers and majority rules both are the two ways that are applied to manage workplace conflict. On the other hand our case study analysis assignment experts says that lose-lose strategy for managing workplace conflict is applied, when both parties are asked to compromise and each must give something to other. For example: an employee’s request for flexible working hours is rejected by the company that develops conflict. Lose-lose strategy of conflict management makes the negative impact on the level of employee performance. Due to this, company also losses productivity at workplace. Therefore both parties become looser. As per the win-win strategy, workplace conflict is managed through in such ways in which both parties are enabled to achieve their objectives and considered as winners at the end.

Best Approach to Manage Conflict In comparison to win-lose and lose-lose strategy for managing conflict, win-win approach is quite effective as it considers long-term benefit of both parties. Although the use of win–lose strategy may solve the conflict, but it does not address the causes of the problem. Due to this, the application of this strategy could develop the conflict again. At the same time, lose-lose strategy to manage conflict is also not effective as both parties are required to sacrifice their objectives. In contrast, win-win stagey is mainly focused over the causes of the conflict. The conflict is managed by identifying the sources of conflict and its areas of influence. This understanding helps to determine a path through which conflict can be managed effectively. At the end of this strategy, a solution is presented to eliminate or reduce the causes of conflict. This solution is accepted by both parties that help to develop trust and faith among parties and to improve the workplace environment accordingly.  So, win-win approach works best for managing conflict in the organizations.

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