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Conflict  Resolution Methods  Assignment Help Henrique Capriles vs. Hugo Chavez Electoral Conflict

In this event, supporters of both Henrique and Chavez in Venezuela presidential election attacked on each other and created threat among the members of the parties. They used aggressive communication and wounded to each other through use of bullets and stones. Both parties were in competition for getting political power (Rueda, 2012). In this business case study assignment help, there were two actors such as members of parties leaded by Henrique and Chavez. Analysis of this event can be done through use of Triangle of Satisfaction model that is as follows:


Procedural Need: As per this need, communication between leaders of both parties about this event will be conferred: Hugo Chavez: Chavez condemned these attacks and conflicts between both parties. He also added that conditions will be altered by taking preventive measures and actions against culprits. It indicates that party of Chavez is serious about this event and wants to take actions to prevent this type event. Henrique Capriles: In the views of Henrique, it was a shameful event that damaged the goodwill of both parties and harmed the members. It reflects that party considered the negative impact of this event (Hellinger, 2012).


Psychological Need: Hugo Chavez: Chavez announced that party will compensate for the wounded people. He also promised to avoid such type of event in future. It suggests that party is enforced to take actions due to possibility of involvement of court. Henrique Capriles: According to Henrique, this event should be investigated legally and culprits should be punished. It shows that party is afraid of resentment of public.


Substantive Need: Hugo Chavez: As per the statements of Chavez, the compensation was paid to victims and injured people. It presents that party made an effective decision making in order to deal with this event with giving preference to welfare concerns in spite of political aspects.


Henrique Capriles: As per the views of Henrique, culprits were punished and debarred out from the party membership. It reflects that party had investigated the event up effectively (Rueda, 2012). On the basis of above discussion by conflict model case study assignment help experts stated that this model was best choice for these situations. This model executed the actions in well manner to compensate the impacts of this event. It is needed to make improvements in psychological interests because it could have been focused on future to rebuild the relationship between parties (Furlong, 2010).   References Furlong, G. T. (2010). The Conflict Resolution Toolbox: Models and Maps for Analyzing, Diagnosing, and Resolving Conflict. USA: John Wiley & Sons. Hellinger, D. C. (2012). Global Security Watch Venezuela. USA: ABC-CLIO. Rueda, M. (2012). Capriles vs Chavez: What’s at Stake in Venezuela’s Presidential Election. Retrieved from Now you can get any time business assignment help and business case study assignment Help of all topics. Our assignment helper are experienced assignment writing experts and can do short deadline assignment. You can e-mail or speak with us for assignment help at