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Cultural phenomenon refers to the behavior of different cultural people at a one place. In the given scenario case study assignment help, people are coming from the different culture such as Dubai, China, Germany and United States. Different culture in these countries presented the different human behavior. These different culture people have different beliefs, culture, background, tradition and the rules to spend life. In the meeting, there is different cultural phenomenon because people come from different culture and they prefer to stay in a same group. In the meeting, these different cultural people meet with each other and develop their understanding about other cultures (Danet & Herring, 2007). It helps the people to improve the interaction activities with the other cultural background people in effective way.

Intercultural Communication In order to explain the lack of intercultural communication, manager should need to create effective interactive sessions with the different cultural background people in the meeting. This can support manager to motivate other people to provide opportunities to share their feelings and experiences with the other individuals in the meeting. In this, manager can take the help of presentation, audios and videos. In the meeting, manager should also develop the understanding of people about the different culture and provide the detailed description of importance of understanding different culture. In order to explain the lack of intercultural communication, manager can communicate the barriers of intercultural communications and how to overcome from these barriers in the effective way (Samovar, Porter & McDaniel, 2011).

Understanding about Cultures Dubai: Dubai has dynamic and diversified economy in the world. Most of the oil part is collected from this country. The economy of Dubai is also driven by trade, tourism, manufacturing and financial services. In the education, Dubai has both public and private schools with a strong emphasis on English as a second language. The university system is also stronger and rapidly growing. The social system is very rich in Dubai. The rich people love to show and tell the richness. In the social system, man always respects women in the society. In UAE, federation has specific powers delegated to the UAE federal government and other powers reserved to member emirates (Central Intelligence Agency, 2012). China: China is a major economy in the world. The country select centrally planned system to a more market oriented system that helps the government to improve the economic condition of the country in the world. The political system in China is based on the communist system and stable and has 23 provinces, 5 autonomous regions and 4 municipalities. The education level is also high in the China. There are three levels of education such as basic education, higher education and adult education. China has different ethnic groups and languages that stand country ay different position in the world. In the country, four main religions are Daoist, Buddhist, Christian and Muslim (Central Intelligence Agency, 2012). Germany: Germany is the fifth largest economy in the world. Country is a largest exporter of machinery, vehicles, chemicals and household equipments.

The government of Germany is federal public and the government selected on the basis of five year term. The education system in Germany is public and most of the schools, colleges and universities are by the taxpayers. Most of the educational programs are organized, financed and administrated at the states level. Germany has a unique social security system that is financed by both employers and employees. The social security system includes pension, health, health care and unemployment insurance (Central Intelligence Agency, 2012). These understanding of cultures of different countries could be helpful for the manager to make effective communication with the employees. This could also be supported by manager to improve the understanding of employees about other employees in the organization. Through this, manager can bring all the employees together and generate effective work in the company.

Contrasting Cultural Values There are lots of cultural difference between USA, Dubai, China and Germany. The communication style of these countries is different from the US. In this, Dubai is a Muslim country that has different culture and tradition while the US people are futuristic and goal oriented. Germany is more focusing on the technology rather than the US and Dubai (Stewart, 2005). In US, the gender differences at workplace are de-emphasized. On the other hand, in Dubai and China, most of the higher level in government and organizations are occupied by the male society (Samovar, Porter & McDaniel, 2011).

Affect the Presentation Language issue will affect the presentation in terms of giving effective information about the project. This will also affect in the information exchange of different culture employees. It is identified that low context culture countries such as USA and Germany, communicates only information that helps in doing work in the organization. On the other hand, in high culture context countries’ people discuss everything in advance and consider meetings as announcement (Handford, 2010). This will affect the presentation of manager in meetings.

Issues Regarding Verbal and Non-Verbal Language In the meeting, verbal and non-verbal communication plays an important role. In order to get employees together, manager should develop the understanding of importance of verbal and non-verbal language of these countries. In order to eliminate the communication issues, manager should use this knowledge effectively to communicate the project to the employees (Esposito, Vinciarelli & Vicsi, 2012). This can be helpful for the manager to create a successful meeting session with the different cultural employees.

Strategy to Use In order to develop the relationship between employees and management team, manager should provide clear strategies for the employees. In this, manager can define the roles and responsibilities of each employee according to their specialization and skills. This can be helpful for the employees to make effective relationship with each other. Manager should also provide the language training to the employees. This can bring the opportunities for the managers to develop the understanding of employees about the English that can be helpful in creating effective negotiation with the local authorities in significant manner (Cambie & Ooi, 2009).

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