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Cultural Variables Assignment Help Interdependence of Cultural Variables

Cultural variables like norms, values, language, customs, preferences, ideology, traditions and assumptions are

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interdependent upon each other. In other words, each variable has relationship with other variable of cultural environment. Values are followed in norms of culture. Similarly, customs are related to traditions and assumptions of individuals belong to particular cultural context. For example, people in masculine culture show lower interdependence between themselves and strangers as compared to feminine culture, who tend to show high interdependence between themselves and strangers. Similarly, collectivist assumptions of people result into politeness in their language as compared to individualistic cultural context. It shows interdependence between language and assumption variable of culture.

In cross cultural communication, this interdependence has a great influence. Like, verbal and non verbal communication patterns of individuals are greatly influenced by their individual behavior patterns that originate from their cultural variables. People of collectivistic culture tend to use contextual verbal style of communication across the culture as compared to members of individualistic culture. In other words, the emphasis of communication is on role relationships across the culture. Values and preferences also affect the communication strategies used by individuals across the culture. Like, if the personnel belong to masculine culture, aggression and dominance are shown in their communication. In contrast, if the individual belongs to feminine cultural context, warm and compassionate communication style is followed across the cultures. Along with this, people of individualist culture tend to use more face saving interaction strategies during communication across the cultures as compared to members of collectivistic culture.

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