Differences Between High School and College Essay Writing

If you are good in writing, you will find no difficulty when you switch from high school to college as you may notice the difference in writing and you are capable enough to adopt it naturally but there are also some students who are not natural writers. So, when they switch from high school to college, they face difficulties and it acts like a challenge to them due to change in format and styles. You can also be asked to prepare papers you do not have idea about.

Writing In High School vs. College 

So, to help you in writing the university projects, here accounting assignment help is explaining the difference between high school and college writing through which you will have an idea about how to write a college project in comparison to school. These are some rules which may have helped you in high school but in college, they are completely different.

Let’s have a look:

  1. Structure: In high school, you may used to write five paragraph I-Triple P-C essays and other short forms of writing but college format is completely different from this format and instead of this writing, students will be taught to break this limit of introduction or conclusion strategy and will be asked to explore the alternative strategies in writing.
  2. Paragraph Writing: In high school, paragraphs can be long and short according to meet the necessity of five paragraph writing and page limit. Each paragraph should begin with the topic sentence that perfectly matches with the thesis statement. While in college, they are usually between one-third and two-third of the page as well as vary in length.
  3. Research: To write the research paper in high school, you might collect the information from online search engines like Google and represent that information in book-report format. While in college, research papers are based on arguments where you can collect evidences to justify the point.


Now you know the significant differences between high school writing and college writing and Essay writing Help can also help you with your writing assignments. Though learning how to write in college can be a daunting task for students but these tips will definitely help you.