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Diversity Management Strategy Assignment Help Implementation of Diversity Management Strategy Business firms with an adequate diversity management strategy have a competitive advantage to manage the global workforce. For the effective implementation of diversity management strategy in a firm, the management should use an effective implementation process (Smart, 2010), which is as follows:

  • At the first stage, management should increase awareness and involvement of executives and middle level managers in the issues related to diversity workforce and cultural differences. Top management should review regular trend and data related to issue of diversified workforce (Thomas, 2010).
  • In second step, top management should develop and maintain an employment database and monitor all trends such as hiring, pay equity, recruitment, promotions, etc. and manage equal distribution of these benefits to all members, especially for women and minorities.
  • Third stage is to set achievable target to hire diversified workforce. At this stage, management should review benchmark standards and use a diversity scorecard to evaluate the performance of the firm to manage diversity. Management can integrate diversity and performance targets to improve the role of department’s head to manage diversity (Smart, 2010).
  • Fourth stage of implementation process is to eliminate poor communication and ensure effective flow of information. In addition to this, top management should also introduce a training and development program, in which employee will learn about cultural and ethical differences and understand perceptions of other employees, which is beneficial to minimize conflicts and maximize role of diversified workforce. Effective tool of IT and training programs polishes the skills and update the knowledge of employee to work in a diversified culture.
  • The fifth stage is related to the development of complaint and conflict resolution process. Under this, in order to manage diversity, managers should personally evaluate the reasons of conflict and complaints and resolve this issue in a fair manner to create a positive, diversified and non-discriminative culture (Thomas, 2010).

  References Smart, J.C. (2010). Higher Education: Handbook of Theory and Research (eds.). Springer. Thomas, R.R. (2010). World Class Diversity Management: A Strategic Approach (eds.). Berrett-Koehler Publishers.   We offer business strategy assignment help services from the experienced and qualified assignment writers. We provide the country specific international business management strategy assignment help as our assignment writing experts from US, UK and Australia. We ensure you that your assignment content would be authentic and original.