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In this e-business assignment help, we have discussed the how can the technologies that implement the new e-business model integrate with each other. E-Business Model Integration In the 21st century, the integration problems are inter-linked with the technologies that are used in the organization. Enterprises Resource Planning (ERP) is a tool that is helpful to implement the new e-business model.


The new e-business model is quite significant to integrate this model with each other. There are some examples of e-business such as Redbox, Netflix and Blockbuster that can be integrated with new e-business model. Redbox is an e-business that can be integrated with new e-business model such as e-commerce.


E-commerce is quite significant new e-business model that uses several networks, servers and virtualizations for e-business. In addition, business networking model is a new e-business model that can be integrated with the ERP as well as e-business integration. ERP technology is supportive in the nature with the business strategy and e-business . E-business can open the door to adopt new opportunities from the market with the help of this ERP technology.


This technology is quite effective to implement new e-business model in the organization to integrate the model with each other. ERP system provides a vision for processes of any business that makes a connection between various businesses and enterprises if the system is integrated with the e-business. Electronic Consumer Relationship is another technology that also integrates new e-business model with the other e-business model. It can easily implement new model due to improvement in the speed and volume of the information of the model.


In addition, this technology also integrates the customers with the organization. Electronic consumer relationship can use several electronic ways to integrate the consumers such as email, websites, assistance applications and remote help centers for sales.


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