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Effective Leadership

Effective Leadership can be defined as the practice that motivates, inspires and develops followers as per the set objectives.  Leadership is termed effective when all the followers or employees are satisfied with the job. In effective leadership, motivation level of employees is also higher.

Effective leadership exists when there is low or negligible conflicting level in an organization. Leadership is known as effective when the leader achieves the set goals in time without losing the confidence of his followers.



There are several obstacles that may impact effective leadership. For example, resistance by employees, lack of resources and capital, lack of management support poor technical infrastructure and low motivation of employees. All these obstacles may influence leadership by delaying the projected tasks planned by the leader for the improvement of an organization.




Leaders can use the variety of tools to handle the obstacles. Like, leader can use proactive decision-making approach to get the resources and capital. They can act as a change agent to get the commitment and confidence of employees by minimizing their resistance to change. Leaders can also follow participatory decision-making approach to get the approval and support of management for their plan. Our assignment writing experts very happy to do your assignment. You can get Effective Leadership Assignment Help by simple four steps:


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