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Goals of Employee Selection: Our human resource assignment help experts that employee selection is the process in which suitable employee is hired in order to achieve the organizational goals. The main goal of employee selection is to recruit and select the appropriate candidate with necessary qualification.

Employee selection also focused towards meeting the Equal Employment Opportunity (EEO) in the organization. Another goal is to select the right candidate at the right place. Company also adopts employee selection method in order to achieve the competitive advantage. Employee selection is also focused towards using the appropriate strategies for the effective utilization of human resources. This, in turn, helps in achieving the organizational goals effectively. Employee selection also considers the candidates, who have skills, knowledge, education and motivation. Another motive of employee selection is to select the appropriate employee reward program and training and development programs. Employee selection also considers policies related to recruitment, promotion and transfer of employees within the organization structure.


Selection Methods: Interview and Psychometric tests are the two selection methods, which are helpful in making the employee selection more effective. In case of psychometric test, HR manager prepares the series of written and practical questions. This type of test is conducted in order to measure the mental ability and aptitude of the candidate. On the other hand, interview is conducted in order to identify the communication skills . In psychometric test, manager can consider large amount of candidates at a time, whereas in case of interview, one candidate can be considered at one time. In addition to this, both the methods help in analyzing the mental ability of the candidates. These selection methods help the organization in selecting the appropriate candidate for the achievement of organizational goals. Moreover, analyzing the skills, knowledge and mental abilities of employees are also useful for proper allocation of human resources in the organization.


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