Ethical Theories Assignment Help

Ethical Theories Comparison


Theory 1: deontological ethics


Theory 2: utilitarianism


Theory 3: virtue ethics Choose one of the theories listed above


•Create a list of the elements of the selected ethical theory. Your list should also discuss how the theory applies to real-life situations.


•How do these theories fit into contemporary society?


If they do not, explain this. Deontological Ethics Assignment Help It is a moral theory, which defines that in the society some actions are prohibited or irrespective of their consequences. Deontological ethics includes the scripture, natural moral laws and intuitions from common sense. This ethic helps the individual or organization in binding duties towards the society and communities.


It is an action based theory on duty and moral obligation. In this, action is judged by its intrinsic rightness. The deontological ethics has three main features that include the duties, human as an object and universalizable. Deontological ethics describes that the rightness or wrongness of an act depends on the intrinsic moral of the feature. This ethical theory stated that act of lying, promise breaking, murders, etc.


are wrong in the society and an individual has the duty not to do these things. Deontological ethics also describes that human should be treated as objects of intrinsic moral values. This theory more focuses on overall happiness and welfare of society. This theory also believes that these situations are applicable for everyone in the society and who in the same moral situation. our assignment help experts says that these theories are applicable into the contemporary society.


Through the deontological ethics, individual as well as organization can motivate to reduce the unethical practices. With the help of this theory, individuals and organizations also motivate to tell the truth towards the society and toward the employees in order to generate ethical practices. On the other hand, utilitarianism ethics provides the platform for social progress in economics. It is an action that promotes the happiness in the society. This theory is also applicable in contemporary society. Through this theory, organizations can increase the level of well fare. The other theory of virtue ethics is also applicable into the contemporary society. In this theory, the individual person is important. In the society, virtue ethics promotes a flexible self-enforcing accountability that helps individual or organization to create effective work


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