Evaluation of the Services of international banking

Dissertation Research Proposal Help On An evaluation of the services of international banking

Research title 1: An evaluation of the services of international banking.

Research aims and objectives Dissertation Help

The aim of this research is to understand the importance of international financing and exploring the resources through which financing can be done. Following research objectives are designed in order to execute the research aims.

  • To identify the banking services that make international payments quick, easy and securely anywhere in the world.
  • To assess the customer’s satisfaction towards the international banking services.
  • To recommend the ways for improving the fund transfer and payment services facility in international banking.

Research title 2A study of practical and theoretical aspects of Asset liability management in commercial banking: A canvass of Standard Chartered Bank.

Research aims and objectives

This research aims to analyze different strategies and Asset liability management process which helps banks to control and oversee the market risks. To accomplish the aim of the research following objectives are designed:

  • To explore practically and theoretically visible features of asset liability management in the banking industry.
  • To determine the different asset liability management strategies in relation to Standard Chartered Bank.
  • To recommend a framework for checking and lightening the risks by way of asset liability management.

Research title 3: An evaluation of performance drivers in supply chain management.

Research aims and objectives

The aim of the research is to analyze the impact of performance drivers in supply chain management. In order to achieve the targets of the research, the following objectives are designed:

  • To identify the key performance drivers for effective supply chain management.
  • To analyze the impact of supply chain performance drivers in fostering the speed and efficiency of timely delivered goods.
  • To suggest the suitable performance driver so that the inventory is available to fulfil the demand of the customers.