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In this finance assignment help we assignment experts explained that how foreign exchange rates are determined. and how do changes in interest rates, inflation, productivity, and income affect exchange rates?


Exchange Rates Finance Assignment Help


As per the assignment writing help experts, In economy, there are many factors that help to determine the exchange rate in the global environment. The rate of inflation, interest rate, current account deficits, level of public debt, trading terms, and economic performance of country with political stability are some I factors that facilitate to determine the rate of exchange. Between two countries, it is also determined on the basis of their currency constant. Followings are impacts of changes in some factors on exchange rates assignment help:


Inflation : An increase in inflation causes a decline in the price of the currency of the country. It makes the weaker position of the currency of a country in front of other currencies in global market. The inflation situation reduces the purchasing power of a particular country, which respectively declines in exchange rate.


Interest Rates: The interest rate is a factor on which the currency of a country could get interest. When, the interest rate is low then the demand of currency in the market could be high that will increase imports. It means there is a requirement of foreign currency. Hence the value of local currency in global market would be decreased.


Productivity : If the productivity of a country is high, it increases the demand in the market by that the foreign countries would be required to buy the currency for purchasing the goods. Hence, this situation increases in the valve of local currency along with exchange rate. In low productivity, exchange rate would be low.


Income : The growth in income increase purchasing power that grows the GDP of a country consequently. Strong GDP enhances the economy along with the value of its currency. Hence exchange rate would be down and vice versa.


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