Functional and Cultural Approach Assignment Help

Functional and Cultural Approach Assignment Help Functional approach of mass communication focused towards the manner that audience use in the mass communication. It also analyzes the benefits that audience receives from media consumption. It is analyzed that there are five functional approaches of mass communication to a friend. Five functional approaches are correlation, transmission, surveillance, mobilization and entertainment. On the other hand, critical or cultural approach of mass communication emphasize towards the various cultures and languages of people. It also analyzes the manner, which audience understands and interprets the media content .

On the basis of both approaches assignment help, mass communication media can be classified easily. It is analyzed that in comparison to functional approach, cultural or critical approach makes more sense. It is because, cultural or critical approach helps the people in making decision regarding, what type of media channel should be adopted. With the help of this, people can also take decision for the type of media, so that large mass of people can understand the purpose of advertisement. Organization has to adopt different cultures of different countries. Thus, it is analyzed that organization should focus towards the cultural approach rather than functional approach.