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E-Business and E-Commerce Assignment Help: E-business and e-commerce have some similarities and differences in terms of supply chain management that can be used in the same manner. Both of these concepts are used by the organizations to increase the sales with the help of internet. E-commerce is a part of e-business that trades the goods and services of the organization to its consumers. It is the responsibility of the companies to deliver the products to the consumers on time, if they place an order by online. Internet is a main tool of business that is used for marketing purpose and to increase the sales of the organization.

Apart from this, e-commerce and e-business are different things that can be evolved in the current business environment. The supply chain management relates to both of these approaches to provide some different way to supply the products and services to the consumers . E-commerce is a limited part of e-business that only covers online transactions of buying and selling the product through internet. In contrast, e-business deals with all the online transactions of the business with the manufacturers, partner and suppliers. Supply chain management requires e-commerce, because it deals with the consumers. In addition, e-commerce does not include the internal processes of the business such as production, inventory, product development, risk management, finance and knowledge management etc. All these internal processes are covered in e-business that has more scope rather than e-commerce.

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