Global Environment Law Assignment Help

Global Environment Law Assignment Help

In a global economy, US assignment help experts say that impact of an employment law to a business and its operations depends on the nature of law, the industry, its market, and company ability to move its business to another country. If a country enacts strict employment laws to favor employees then it would impact on the business by increasing the cost of operation. In a country with strict employment law, company must be required to follow employees’ related laws and regulation of such as minimum wages, limited working hours, overtime pay, regular breaks, tight healthy and safety requirement, health insurances, family leave and protection, and other benefits for employees.


These restrictions increase labor costs for company that impact on the business of them. Increase in the labor cost reduces organizational profitability that impacts its performance. Governments and some business analysts argue that enacting strict employment laws can have a positive impact on business through encouraging employees, so they more effectively contribute into the organizational productivity (Business Law Assignment Help).


Strict employment laws encourage more employees to join the labor force and encourage teamwork in workplace that can increases productivity of the company. Impact on company for the enacting strict employment laws depends on its industry and size of the country.


Industry or company with large labor force would be more impacted by strict employment laws compare with fewer employees. To remove the negative impact of a country’s strict employment laws one of management responsibilities is to search out the best location to transit business. Management is responsible for delivering value to company’s shareholders and considers various factors in making any business decision. The cost and availability of labor, a raw material for production and quality of infrastructure play an important role in the decision of a business while selecting the best location to transact business.


Company’s cost of production and operation depends on the cost and availability of labor, machinery and raw material for operation, so management searches-out the best location on the basis of these aspects. Management decision to enter in a global market depends on the economic conditions, market condition and the availability of customers. But at the same time, applicable employment laws and their impact on the business activities should also be considered. As per law assignment help writer, There are some other laws and regulations also that should be considered by management while taking location decision as they may be favorable.


Laws and regulation related to form of business such as sole proprietorship; partnership and corporation can make business attractive in one country than another. For example, if a country restricts companies to enter in the local market through strict ownership and partnership than the laws would not be attracted for the firm. Country trade-related rules and regulations must also be considered by management to select a location of the business in global market. Export-import and trade restriction by a nation to protect internal organization cannot provide facilities to foreign companies to enter in a country, which makes another country attractive with favorable trade laws.


Changes in country laws and regulations also affect the company to locate business in a particular country because it can create the risk of business (Legal Issues Law Assignment Help). Licensing and property related rules and regulation can also make business attractive in one country in favor of another. Strict laws and regulation related to trademark, patent, licenses and copyright cannot attract the firms to enter in the country. Low property and restriction rates and other taxes of country also effectively attract the global firm to enter in market compared to other countries.


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