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In today’s competitive environment, most of the organizations need to retain their talent pool of employee in an effective way. It helps the companies to achieve competitive advantage as well as maintain their position in the market. This paper explores different talent management initiatives that companies use in making effective global expansion strategy. In addition to this assignment writing help, this paper also considers different strategies that company uses in recruiting global talent such as recruiting from other companies and recruitment of diversified employees. This case study paper also explores the challenges that are faced by the companies in talent management initiatives. This paper identifies the ways to overcome these challenges and turn into positive outcomes.




In today’s organizational world, every company wants to expand its business in the international market. Expansion of business in international market provides several benefits to the organization that support business to maintain its growth in national as well as international market. In order to expend its business in international market, organizations also need to recruit talented employees, who could manage the work in international market effectively. This paper discusses the talent management initiatives that support organization in its global expansion strategy. This paper also discusses the strategies that are used in recruiting global talent and to face challenges in global expansion strategy.


Talent Management Initiatives


In today’s business environment, talent management is receiving greater attention to make organization more competitive in the market. There are various talent management initiatives that organizations can use in order to support global expansion strategy. In talent management initiative, companies can provide effective training and development programs to the employees. It can be helpful for employees to develop their skills and knowledge. In the training and development programs, company can also motivate employees to make effective work that support company to retain customers and make effective relationship with them to achieve organizational goals and objectives in significant manner (Goldsmith & Carter, 2009).


Company can also make effective recruitment policies. Through this, company will be able to recruit more suitable employee for the job. It can be also helpful for company to strengthen its global expansion strategy. It is because talented employees have more loyalty towards the company. It can be helpful for the company to make effective plan for global expansion. In talent management initiatives, company can also provide benefits to the employees. In this, company can provide accommodation facilities, communication facilities, and facilities to their children etc, which would be beneficial for the organization to maintain effective relationship with the employees and to increase their loyalty towards the company, which would be effective to support global expansion strategy of the firm (Bohlander & Snell, 2007).


Strategies in Recruiting Global Talent


In order to recruit global talent, company can recruit employees from other international companies. In this, company can approach employees and offer them higher package from the market. It can be helpful for the company to influence the mind of employees and to motivate for joining the company. It can also support the company to manage global operations in effective way because global talent has the ability to develop understanding about the other country culture that supports them to make effective work in the other countries. In strategies, company can also use diversification strategies. In this, company can recruit people from different background, culture etc. in order to increase the market share of the firm in the global market (Scullion & Collings, 2010).

Potential Challenges in Talent Management Initiatives

In order to create effective global expansion strategy, company will face several challenges in talent management initiatives. The most important challenges is related to the different culture of different employees. It will create problems for the company to create effective training and development programs in order to retain talented customers for the organization. Different background employees have different languages and traditions that might create problems to manage the training programs effectively. There will also some challenges related to less support from staff members. Lack of staff members’ support will create problems in implementing recruitment policies in an effective manner (Galagan, 2011).


Challenges Turn into Positive Outcomes


Company can also turn these challenges into positive outcomes through conducting effective training sessions for the employees. In this, company can provide different training sessions for the employees from different background, culture and language. It can be helpful for the employees to develop their knowledge according to the culture and their preferences. Company can also ensure the participation of each and every employee before recruiting new employees or implementing recruitment strategies and policies in the organization. It can be helpful for the company to assign roles and responsibilities to each employee in the organization (Reed & Bogardus, 2012).


From the above discussion by Strategic Assignment Help, it can be concluded that training and development programs helps the company to manage talent pool in an effective way. Through this, companies can also develop skills and knowledge of talented employees in significant way. Hiring different background employees from other companies is also beneficial for company in terms of providing competitive advantage.