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Global Warming Case Study Assignment Help  Background of Global Warming

Global warming refers to the climate change that causes an increase in the average temperature of the lower

atmosphere. Global warming has many different causes, but most common reason is associated with human interference and release of excessive amounts of greenhouse gases (Maslin, 2007). Greenhouse gases such as carbon dioxide (CO2), methane (CH4), water vapor, and fluorinated gases act like a greenhouse around the earth. Our case study assignment help experts says that these gases allow the heat from the sun into the atmosphere, but do not allow the heat to back into space. The more greenhouse gases in the environment, the larger the percentage of heat that is presented inside the earth’s atmosphere. Earth could not exist in its present state without the presence of some greenhouse gases. They are important for trapping heat in the atmosphere, because without heat, earth would be cold. Greenhouse gases that are occurring naturally are good for the nature. In the past centuries, production and absorption of carbon dioxide and other greenhouse gases was in balance (Weart, 2008). Humans, animals, trees and plants all help to keep a balance between oxygen and carbon dioxide. But in the last century, human activity has overwhelmed the earth’s natural feedback mechanism. According to the case study help expert, with excessive greenhouse gases, the earth’s atmosphere warms to unnatural temperatures that cause other things such as sea level to rise, at fast rate and various diseases are occurred.

Global Warming: Facts or Fiction Everyone is not ready to believe that global warming is actually happening. Regarding this issue, there are two groups, who have different viewpoints: one who understands the hazards of global warming and another who feels that the whole issue of global warming is a trick (Reese, 2010).

Argument in Favor of Global Warming (Facts) There are various evidences of global warming like, rising sea level, increasing frequency of hurricanes, melting of glaciers and arising of various diseases. Through global warming, the earth is getting warmer and this warming is threatening our basic existence. The increasing number of hurricanes is the biggest evidence of climate change induced by global warming (LeRoux, 2005). Past data shows that summers have been warmer and winters colder than usual. These variations in global temperatures cause droughts, floods, heat waves, cold waves and changes in the precipitation patterns around the world. The rise in temperatures also causes spread of certain diseases that carrying from insects due to warm climates. Additionally our Australia assignment help experts says that, global warming is the cause of extinct of various animals including mammals, birds, reptiles, amphibians and insects. A large number of these extinct animals were wiped off the planet due to sudden change in temperature levels and loss of habitat due to climate change (May & Caron, 2009). For example, a reducing number of polar bear due to melting ice that cause of loss of habitat for these bears. It forces them to migrate further north towards the pole. Along with this, Coral reefs are highly sensitive to small changes in water temperature and they are suffered the worst die-off in 1998 due to rise in temperature of sea water. At the same time, global warming doesn’t cause of hurricanes, but it does make them stronger and more dangerous. On the other hand, scientists state that the main cause of global warming is human related activities. Due to industrial revolution, use of fossil fuels for power generation has been increased. These fossil fuels produce greenhouse gases like carbon dioxide that remains in the atmosphere and trap the sunlight (Maslin, 2007). Along with this, other anthropogenic activities such as industrialization, deforestation, mining and pollution increased the concentrations of carbon dioxide, methane and nitrous oxide in the atmosphere that cause global warming. The increases of methane and nitrous oxide also cause global warming.

Argument in Against of Global Warming (Fiction) The scientists of this group thought that human has a negligible share in increasing global temperatures and climate change. Towards this issue, new claims and counter-claims appear with numbing regularity, assumptions and beliefs. They believed that human activities contribute a small portion of carbon dioxide emissions that have a small effect on climate because oceans absorb most of the extra carbon dioxide emissions. Along with this assignment help, natural causes of global warming are exist, but they are necessary to maintain the ideal balance in the climate of the Earth (Weart, 2008). They observe the sunlight and help in keeping the earth warm for humans to survive. Without these natural factors, the earth would much colder and not suitable for human inhabitation. In addition of this, it can be argued that large quantity of carbon dioxide cause to a “greening” of the Earth, because plants can utilize the extra carbon dioxide to speed their growth. References LeRoux, M. (2005). Global Warming: Myth Or Reality : the Erring Ways of Climatology. Germany:  Springer. Maslin, M (2007). Global Warming: Causes, Effects, and the Future. China: MBI Publishing Company. May, E. & Caron, Z. (2009). Global Warming For Dummies. USA: John Wiley & Sons. Reese, J. (2010). Global Warming: Fact Or Fiction?. USA: 6 Degrees Books. Weart, S. R. (2008). The discovery of global warming: New histories of science, technology, and medicine. UK: Harvard University Press. Get 24X7 assignment help services from our experts. You can first check our quality then you can confirm your assignment with us.