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In this Globalization Assignment Help we taken the the following scenario: You work for a large corporation based in the United States. The company is opening its first international office located in Beijing, China. Discuss the potential ethical and social responsibility issues that might arise. Address the following questions: Why might these issues arise? How can an organization that is going global avoid potential problems with conflicting ethical and social responsibility views?

Globalization Assignment Help Globalization provides the opportunities for the companies to attract global customers towards the products and services. Working at globalization level, company faces several ethical and social responsibility issues that influence the business of the company. At the global level, the major factor that arise these issues related to the culture. A US company may have different culture and traditions that influence the working style in China. It may create problem for company to develop ethical and social responsibility in the market. Difference between culture and traditions in host country may also create the problem in developing trust within the company. It may create the problem in developing ethical activities and also create problems in developing social responsibility activities by the company. Working style in these two countries may also create social responsibility issues. Also our globalization assignment help experts says that Working style of management team may affect from the rules and regulations of host country that is China. It may influence the operation and marketing activities of the company and may also influence the social responsibility activities. In order to avoid ethical and social responsibility issues at global level, company should provide the training and development programs to the employees as well as management team in this, company can provide training about the local culture and traditions. It can be helpful for the employees as well as company to make ethical operations at global level and can also be helpful to create effective corporate social responsibility activities in the market. It is because understanding of local culture motivates employees and management team to create corporate social responsibilities in effective manner. Company should also make some rules and regulations in order to prevent ethical and social responsibility issues at global level. Through rules and regulations, company can bound the employees to act according to these rules. It can be helpful for the company to create effective ethical and social responsibility activities in the market.


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