Goodwill at Work- Business Assignment Help

Goodwill at Work – Business Assignment Help

Goodwill is an intangible asset that provides favorable relationship with customers and increases the earning power

of a company. Goodwill at work helps in improving the reputation of company in the market. It is identified that if organization provide efficient working environment to the employees, it will be helpful in improving the goodwill at work. It can be stated that organization can be able to maintain goodwill by providing equal employment opportunity to the people (Employee Handbook, 2012). For example, British Airways is focused towards providing equal employment opportunity and adopts diversity management programs. People within the organization also get motivated to perform efficiently in order to achieve the organization.

As per business experts Goodwill at work can be improved by providing fair remuneration, healthy working environment and rewards based on performance (Cook, 2010). For example, Coco Cola is able to build its goodwill through brand image. Due to its sound brand image, customers attract to buy its products. Due to its goodwill, company can be able to make future profits. It is identified that, due to its goodwill in market, Coca Cola can be able to worth more than the value of its bottling equipment and sugar water. Other companies such as PepsiCo, Wal-Mart etc. has achieved the large amount of profits due to its sound image in the market. Therefore our business case study assignment help experts said that, along with earning large profits, organization has to maintain its goodwill in order maintain the customer loyalty and attract more customers (Dickie, 2006). Worker should be responsible to support their employer in order to maintain the goodwill of the firm. Workers should perform job to the best of their abilities and maintain appropriate work behavior in the company. Further, they are responsible to follow the goodwill policies, procedures and regulations that have been prepared by the employer of the company. Responsibility of the worker towards the goodwill of firm helps in achieving the competitive advantage. Further, employer can be able to achieve the organizational goals efficiently. It is analyzed that goodwill is an intangible assets that provide indirect benefit to the companies. Thus, responsibility towards goodwill of the firm will be beneficial for employer and employee of the company (Nikolai, Bazley & Jones, 2009). Responsibility of the worker towards the efforts made by employer will be helpful in achieving the objectives of the organization efficiently. Workers should be loyal to the goodwill industries and influence the community which they serve.

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