Google strategies and SWOT Analysis Assignment Help

Google Strategies and Strengths in Different Business Segments

At the same time, the above analysis will be helpful for Google to improve its efforts and to survive and compete with Yahoo, Microsoft or other competitors(Competitor Analysis of Google,Yahoo, Microsoft Assignment Help). It provides scanning of internal and external environment, so it can develop competitive strategies for its competitors.

There are four main business segments of Google identified in which it uses competitive strategies that are search, advertising applications and mobile. In search segment, Google has the capability to pursuit the effective internet search. To maintain this strength, Google has used “build brand” strategy that is helpful to build the better search engine(Compensation and Benefits Structure of Google). In addition, advertising is another business segment in which it uses single overreaching strategy to convey cost effective targeted and relevant ads for the final consumers (Environmental Analysis Of Google Assignment Help). With this strategy, Google has become the most leading online advertiser through its contents such as ads by Google.

In addition, in application segment, Google used innovation strategy to develop new application for uploading and downloading videos and information through YouTube and Gmail. This strategy also includes some new apps such as Picasa, Google docs etc. In addition, this strategy made it more capable to develop inexpensive network servers that can store much amount of data. In mobile segment, it has been a remarkable success by speedy expansion in android enabled mobile handsets (Google strategy to enter into China’s Assignment Help). Its mobile strategy includes two components that are offering free rich features and distribution of operating system to that producer of mobile handsets.