Google Vs Facebook marketing strategy

Google Vs. Facebook marketing strategy: Google and Facebook are both successful companies and has billions of users. As everybody know that Google is a search engine and it is a market leader in the search engine, and almost everybody use Google to search something, where Facebook is a social site which has millions of users and in now days almost every person is using Facebook.  It depends on entrepreneur that which medium he choose for the marketing of the business. Some likes Google AdWords and some likes Facebook Ads. There is a direct rivalry between these two companies and because of this it became very difficult for the organizations to take right decision about which platform is better (Marketing Strategy Assignment Help). It is very difficult to understand these two because Google AdWords and Facebook Ads are both similar but at the same time these two are different. There are many points which describe the advantages of these two and in different contexts these two has their own importance, which are discussed below:

Pinpoint Targeting: With Facebook Ads the entrepreneur can know the exact thing about who will see the Ads  but talking about the Google PPC then it is based on the keywords which people type  on Google search box. So according to this point the Facebook Ads are good for the businesses. Timing: On Google ads are totally search based which means if the potential customers will search something relevant then he or she can buy at the same time but talking about the Facebook then it is a social site (Social Media Marketing Assignment Help) and only few people search for any product or service on this that’s why in this context Google is better than Facebook.

Local Business: In this context Google search is the winner because if the people want to search the local restaurants or something else like; gas station, railway station, shop etc. then Google search is the best option. Facebook not provide information about the local businesses.

Ad Quality: In this context Facebook is the winner. In Google the quality of the ads are not so good because the ads can get only bold font styles only (Marketing Advertising Plan Assignment Help). But talking about the Facebook ads then there can be used graphics, pictures and videos to make the ads more attractive.

Engagement: In this context Facebook is the winner because in facebook the customers can easily communicate with the advertisers and can contact easily but talking about the Google AdWords then it only provides user rating only. So at the end of the discussion clearly it cannot be said that which one is the best option because it totally depends on the product and the nature of the audience. If the entrepreneur want to offer with a lot of visual appeal to a fixed proportion of audience than Facebook is the best option for advertisement of the product (Competitor Analysis of Google,Yahoo, Microsoft Assignment Help). But for the local businesses Google is the best option because Google can provide the exact location and map facility to the customers.