Government Regulation of Businesses

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Social responsibility can be defined as the social as well as moral obligations to develop or create a better society. In other words, it is the duty of business organizations to consider social values, while doing business. There are various institutions that gave different definitions of social responsibility. According to WBCSD, social responsibility is the commitment of business to behave in ethical manner and help in economy development, while improving the quality of life of workforce, local community and society as a whole. According to the definition of EU, social responsibility is the integration of social as well as environmental concerns into business operations and their interaction with stakeholders voluntarily.

Government Regulations for Business Assignment Help There are various reasons of setting government regulations for business. The three main reasons can be discussed by business help tutor as below: Quality Control: First reason of government regulations is quality control. With government regulations, organizations are expected to comply with quality control regulations. Due to these regulations, firms use only safe and secure material for production to ensure quality for consumers (Howells & Weatherill, 2005). Society Development: Second major reason is the society development. Business practices of firms also pollute environment. So, by developing environmental protection laws, government restricts the business firms to do eco-friendly business practices for compliance. Human rights protection: Third reason of government regulations is to protect human rights. If these employment laws are not developed, the business firms will not follow lawful practices of employment and use discriminatory practices. So, to ensure fairness for human resources in employment practices, laws like equal employment opportunity are developed

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