Health care Australia Assignment Help On Accreditation Process

Health care Australia Assignment Help On Accreditation Process Elements of Accreditation Process

One of the main elements of the managed care accreditation process is to establish entry level requirements and legal recognition. In this, a government authority permits healthcare organizations to operate their business on the basis of their capacity to meet certain standards and operating requirements. These standards and requirements include different issues related to customer safety, services, staff qualifications, relevant laws and ethical codes, availability of needed resources including finance, water, electricity, equipments, etc. (Kongstvedt, 2012).  As per health care case study assignment help experts, It is important to maintain the quality standards in healthcare services that help to provide safe environment for both patients and staff. Verification of meeting maintenance specifications is another element of managed care accreditation process.

All healthcare facilities and equipments should be designed correctly as per the design specifications. Health organizations have to make the availability of well located emergency exit, fire alarm, calibrated lab equipments, radiation shielding and safety measures for waste disposals. It is verified by responsible authorities whether these specifications are met (Green & Rowell, 2010). It facilitates the patients to access quality of healthcare services, which makes this element important to ensure quality care. Absence of this element can pose risks to the patients and staff and harm their life. In accreditation process, it is also necessary for the healthcare organization to maintain the documents regarding their special capability as an approved service provider. All criteria related to capability of organizations and health professionals are reviewed by the regulatory bodies to find out their competency in special areas. This element helps to convey whether the organization or professional can be referred as an appropriate source of the service or not (Rickel & Wise, 2006). It also helps to monitor healthcare regime for the patients and ensure proper handling of future health concerns, which is important for social welfare. References Green, M.A. & Rowell, J.C. (2010). Understanding Health Insurance: A Guide to Billing and Reimbursement. USA: Cengage Learning. Kongstvedt, P.R. (2012). Essentials of Managed Care. USA: Jones & Bartlett Publishers. Rickel, A.U. & Wise, T.N. (2006).  Understanding managed care: an introduction for health care professionals. USA: Karger Publishers. Get US and Australia Health Care Assignment Help With We ensure you that your business health care assignment help content would be authentic, original and according the assignment guidelines. So, hurry up and please e-mail us your any assignment help at