How Campaign More Effective for Company

Suggestion to Make the Campaign More Effective: For making this campaign more effective, it is vital to focus on product attributes, use, application, benefit, quality etc. The campaign is quite effective but it concentrates more on making impossible into possible in different real situations. The story used with the help of Coke Zero is significant but still, I feel there is lack of focus on product. Today, benefit, quality, or use sought of positioning is more significant in beverage industry, so Coca-Cola should also need to use this in its campaign to make this more effective (Kotler, 2002). The product Coke Zero is losing its position due to its criticism and negative campaign against it, so it is vital to focus more on its attributes and quality. Including all these aspects in the campaign will direct it towards an effective positioning of Coke Zero among youngsters as well as extend its target market size. Understudies who need marketing assignment help task can touch with our 24X7live emotionally supportive network or can send email at