How to do Case Study Research

How to do Case Study Research

Research is a systematic enquiry of some phenomena. A research is only authentic if it follows a suitable research approach. Case study method is one of the research approaches to apply some concept on a particular case to evaluate whether it meets the expected hypothesis or not. A case study could be an individual, organization, community, or group. These cases are treated as a bounded system which is studied by the researcher to validate the hypothesis. A case is unlike a sample and can not be used to explain other case studies.


Steps in Case Study Research   1. Based on the research objectives; identify the suitable case study. For example; to research impact of Corporate social responsibility of an organisation upon its brand value; a case study of Mark & Spencer could be selected. Reason for selecting this case is the organisation’s active involvement in some CSR activities that relates with its strategy and brand image.

2. A data collection plan is made and data is collected which could be either primary, secondary, or both. For example; the researcher could decide to collect the data through primary methods like questionnaire, survey, or interviews. Similarly; data could be also collected using the secondary data methods like company annual reports, websites, government reports, financial statements, or using the data collected for some earlier done research.

3. Once the data pertaining to the case study research is collected; based on the nature of the research whether it is qualitative or quantitative; researcher will analyse the data.

4. Based on the analysis of the data; interpretations will be made whether the hypothesis of the research is being adhered to or not. This leads to final conclusion whether the case study is complying with the concept/phenomenon under study.

5. Finally, the researcher writes the conclusion and recommendation of his research. This is important as it suggests where the future research can be conducted to further understand the topic. A case study research in itself may not be sufficient to develop some theory or concept but it provides a reasonable basis which could lead to the theory formulation. Above are the steps that outline how a case study research is conducted. If you still have any query related to how to do case study research assignment help then you can contact us any time for assignment help. We ensure you that you will get quality case study assignment help services from our US and Australian experts.