How to Handle Pre-Exam Nerves

This might have happened with you that the moment you enter in the exam hall, your face gets full of sweat and you start feeling that you do not remember anything and your mind goes blank. As soon as you sit and start taking test, your palms are sweaty and butterflies in your stomach. This is quite normal as a sign of test anxiety but your grades and test scores can get affected by this.

How to Handle Pre-Exam Nerves

Tips for Calming Nerves before Taking Test

Though exams come with lots of pressure whether it is on the college level, high school or school or any competition exam but the tips we are sharing here can help you to get rid of this.

Let’s have a look:

  1. Do Proper Study: This is kind obvious but most important way to deal with pre-exam nerves. You should do a proper study by spending adequate time on it. It will reduce your anxiety and if you need any help with assignments, Business assignment help can help you. For better results, you can create a study schedule. Just stay organized and regular review your notes.
  2. Consider Relaxation Techniques: There are some relaxation techniques which you can consider to calm your pre-exam nerves. All you need to do is practicing these progressive muscular relaxations for five minutes. You can search them on the internet like yoga or meditation etc.
  3. Intake Proper Nutrition: A poor diet can also cause anxiety so you must pay attention on thing that you are taking proper and sufficient diet during your exam days. When you start maintaining your well-balanced diet, you will soon notice a change. You should also not take alcohol or caffeine in exams.


Pre-exam nerves are normal but by following these tips, you can get rid of them and nail your exam. If you want any assistance in your assignments, just contact to Accounting assignment help. In order to boost your confidence during exams, you can also take sessions with an online tutor. They can guide you a wide range of subjects and classes.