how to make research questionnaire for the data collection

How to Make Research Questionnaire for the Data Collection

Research Questionnaire A questionnaire is a set of questions which are prepared for gathering the information for collection of data. This research instrument is used to address the thoughts, views and opinions of the respondents in context with the topic of research. A good questionnaire makes the analysis of data easie the r and faster. The questionnaire differs from topic to topic but few points need to be considered to make the questionnaire effective (Research Methodologies Strategies Assignment Help).

Determining the questions and deciding their layout and sequence Determining the question requires creativity and an intensive exploration of the issues. The questions should be directly linked with the objectives of the research. The wordings of the questions should be concise and unambiguous. The questions should be framed in a language which is easily understood by all categories of people. The statements made in the questions should be designed in such a way that that people with different opinions and traits will answer it differently. Positive statements should be used in questions and should not lead the answers of the respondent. Before presenting the questionnaire to the respondent the researcher should check for any grammar or spelling mistakes. Ensuring that the questionnaire has a title and a date is a good practice. This will be helpful to revise any information of a particular date and topic. Similarly numbering the question aids referencing purposes. Length of the questionnaire is a key factor which affects the response rate of the questionnaire. Therefore use of small fonts makes the questionnaire look short and less time consuming to answer. If there is a need to provide any instructions then italics or bold font can be used. The questionnaire should always look neat and attractive to the reader (Data Collection Assignment Help).

Types of questions There is a distinction between different formats of the questions such as open and closed ended, single and multiple response and ranking and rating questions. An open ended question requires the knowledge of the respondent to express his thoughts and opinions on a given question. Whereas closed ended questions lets the respondent answer the question in only yes or no or allows them to choose an answer from a number of given options. Limited open ended question should be asked in a questionnaire because it is time consuming and the respondent may not have knowledge about the question asked. Sometimes there are cases wherein multiple responses are required so it should be clearly instructed in the questionnaire that the respondent can choose more than one option. In ranking question the respondent is required to give ranks according to his or her preferences. On the other hand, in rating questions the respondent needs to provide rating to the given set of options. In such questions the rating index should be clearly mentioned (Business Research Process Assignment Help).

Confidentiality and ethics Privacy of any respondent should not be disturbed. Such questions which may offend the respondent should be avoided. The respondents should be informed that their answers will be confidential and protected by Data Protection and Human Rights Legislation.