How to Write an Assignment

Before start writing, planning must be done about what is to be done, how it will be done and when it will be done. There are basically 4 heads that come under paragraph planning: list paragraphs, cause and effect, compare and contrast, and problem solution. While dividing paragraphs under different sections use the words like similarly, additionally, furthermore, firstly, secondly, etc. It is important to link every paragraph with each other. Various words can be used to reflect whether you are comparing the ideas or different authors or talking about similarity between them.

Introduction, main body, and conclusion are the main parts of an essay. It must be kept in mind that while writing essay, never make use of ‘body’ heading. The introduction of the essay must start with giving a brief background of the main topic and various issues related to the topic need to be mentioned. After writing the introductory part, the focus shifted towards main body of the essay. The matter written in body part must always link to the thesis statement mentioned in introductory phase. Your response areas need to be explained in detailed. Always try to close your main body by justifying your outline and thesis statement.

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At last conclusion part is given by writer. Here, all the points learned while studying the project are summed up. Keep in mind that not even single new information must be included in conclusion phase. Mention the comments, recommendation or suggestions related to the issues highlighted under the study. The writer can also include question-answer session in order to make more interaction with readers. Questions can be open ended or close ended depending upon the nature of study.

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