How to Write an Outline of Assignment

How to Write an Outline of Assignment

For writing outline of any assignment first we select the topic and explain the purpose of assignment. For example we prepared the assignment outline for cultural phenomenon : Outline Cultural Phenomenon: This section will include the cultural phenomenon of the meeting (Cultural Phenomenon Assignment Help). It is because people are gathered for this meeting from different countries and belongs to different countries and cultures.

Intercultural Communication: This section will include that how a manager explain the lack of intercultural communication in the meeting. For this, manager will take the help of videos, audios to develop the understanding of intercultural communication (Intercultural Business Communication Assignment Help).

Understanding about Culture: This section will develop the understanding of culture of different countries such as Dubai, China, Germany in terms of their economic, political, educational and social system. Further, this section will also give details that how this information will help manager to get employees together who belong to different culture (Organizational Culture Assignment Help).

Contrasting Cultural Values: In this section, manager will discuss the contrasting cultural values of four countries such as USA, Dubai, China and Germany. This section will also significant to develop the understanding about cultural differences between these countries.

Affect the Presentation: This section in the paper will discuss that how language issues and lack of interpreter affect the presentation and meeting.

Issues Regarding Verbal and Non-Verbal Language: This part of the paper will discuss some issues (Verbal Communication Assignment Help) related to the verbal and non-verbal communication, which need to be considered by the manager.

Strategy to Use: To develop the relationship with different cultural employees, different strategies would be evaluated in this section. To make a successful meeting, different strategies such as language training and define roles and responsibilities would be recommended to the manager. Get assignment help of any topic from We assure you that you will get first class assignment help within the deadline. You can contact 24X7 for assignment help.