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In this article, You will understand the  Incorporation between Hawthorne Study and HR Functions  and also get the idea of  Dominant Cultures and Subcultures. After reading the following article you will able to understand the following questions, Describe how the components of the Hawthorne study are incorporated in current human resource functions and What was the main idea behind this study.

How have you been impacted by the components of this study in your current or past work setting? Contrast the dynamics between dominant cultures and subcultures either in a work setting or in society. Explain why it is important to understand the impact of culture. Give an example where you demonstrated your awareness and or openness to understanding a cultural difference. Explain how these differences underscore the need for understanding diversity. From the information given, develop guidelines for embracing diversity Incorporation between Hawthorne Study and HR Functions The Hawthorne Study is used as an identification method in human resource management department.

Through this method, the strength and competencies of workers are identified and on the basis of this, an organization manages, measure, develop and improve capabilities of workers. The components of this study helps in directing people towards professional performance instead of the money and power (Beck, M.L., Bryman & Liao, 2004). The component of open communication provides effective way of communication so, that workers can communicate with higher authority effectively. In such environment where, people can express appreciation and needs to their co-workers and employers equally, the productivity can be increased easily (Woodberry, 2008). Also, the business ethics component facilitates people to get valued, respect and care from leaders.

The focus of this study is to alter employees’ conditions as per the preference of employees and organizational vision. Also, the assessment of this study aims to have a fun-working environment as well as a stress free environment so that; all tasks can be completed successfully and at the time. In the absence of this study, organizational work cannot be coordinated effectively (Landy & Conte, 2009). Also, earlier the assessment of hurdle free communication wasn’t easy, as it is now after the inclusion of Hawthorne study.

Dominant Cultures and Subcultures

Dominant culture and subculture both includes some difference in relation to society and work setting. Dominant culture among organization reveal shared value and its core both. For example, a socially responsible and ethical company that includes some policies affecting entire organization is dominant culture (White & Ortega, 2007). On the other hand, subculture refers to the culture that share people within the organization. It includes group of people who share common problems, situation and experience at workplace. A group of employees’ working in marketing department is an example of subculture. The marketing people share a specific place in organization and this in turn assist them in performing their duties effectively (White & Ortega, 2007).

In retail organization, the vision of organization is to attain powerful position with an assessment of new techniques and quality service to deliver utmost level of satisfaction. The vision of the retain organization denotes the dominant culture. On the other hand retail front staff when deal with customers and share their views refers to organization’s subculture. The development of an understanding regarding both types of culture is not so difficult and both are quite different from each other (Andersen & Taylor, 2007).

Similarly culture of Germany is quite different from European culture. Every culture has its own beliefs’, values, customs, language etc., which are essential to be understood before serving them. The fluent English of Germans can be understood by the way in which they speak and by communicating with them. By learning their culture, one can effectively deal with German customers. An understanding regarding a specific culture makes it easy for organization and its people to work and survive in foreign market. The process to learn culture is important in organizational as well as personal terms (Darder, Baltodano & Torres).


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