Integrated Marketing Communication Strategy Definition and Plan

Introduction To ensure the success of business, it is essential for the firms to use effective and attractive promotional strategies and tools to attract the target customers. Integrated marketing communication refers to the use of communication methods in integrated manner to make positive impact on the mind of customers and develop effective relationship.Integrated marketing communication campaign can be also used by the firms to increase awareness among the customers towards the firm’s products.


Effectiveness of these strategies reflects when these will be integrated with the target market (Zeithaml, 2008). There will be discussion about the integrated marketing communication campaign and promotional tools of travel agency that is operating its business in Virginia and targets the Caribbean.


Key theme of Campaign: For the travel agency in Virginia, integrated marketing communication campaign will be conducted to make effective impression among the customers and to reach at the target customers of the firm. The main theme of this campaign is to clearly discuss the feature of the firm’s product or services among the customers to increase awareness among them towards it. Along with this, effective communication with the customers is also included under the main theme of IMC campaign (Buhalis & Laws, 2001).


Additionally, to create brand image among the target customers of the travel agency in Virginia will be also included under a theme of this IMC campaign. Additionally, to determine the internal alignment with the brand of product or services is another key theme of the IMC campaign. To adopt effective promotional tools those make valuable position in the mind of customers is also part of the key theme of this IMC campaign that will help the travel agency to ensure success of its IMC campaign or plan linking with target customers (Bosque, Martín & Collado, 2006).


Under the IMC campaign for travel agency in Virginia, different marketing tools such as advertisement, personal selling, public relation, direct marketing, etc. will be used to reach at the target customer (O’Guinn, Allen & Semenik, 2008). To satisfy the needs of customers in Virginia, management of travel agency will adopt pervasiveness advertisement that will have positive impact on the customers’ mind. Additionally, effective personal selling will be used under IMC campaign that will include personal interaction, cultivation and response that identify customer’s need and ways to satisfy them. Up-to-date and interactive tools will be also used under direct marketing to satisfy the customers’ needs and wants (Zeithaml, 2008). So, these tools and techniques will help the travel agency in Virginia to reach at the target customers and satisfy their needs.


Promotional Mi: Under the promotional mix, several elements are available that will be used by travel agency in Virginia to reach and attract the target market towards the firm’s services. These elements will be also aligned with the above-discussed themes of IMC campaign that will help the company to attain the IMC objectives. A promotional mix can be discussed as follow:


Advertisement : For the travel agency in Virginia, an advertisement will be used as an element of promotional mix to reach at the target customers of the firm. In this, media, broadcast media, e-marketing, etc. will be used under advertisement to attract the customers. Additionally, programs related to the services of the firm will be advertised online, through media, newspaper, television, print media, etc. (Altstiel & Grow, 2006). This promotional tool will be aligned with the themes of IMC campaign through making effective advertisement that will create good image of the firm among the customers. Additionally, effective message will be delivered to the customers that will help the firm to reach its target customers and satisfy them.


Public Relation: Public relation is also used as a part of the promotional mix for travel agency to target Carribean in Virginia. In this, coordinated programs, well-thought-out programs, events, etc. will be used along with maintaining high credibility. Dramatization capacity of the firm will be improved in this promotional tool to present firm’s services in front of the customers effectively. Public relationship tool of promotion will help the firm to increase customer base using theme of IMC campaign. In this, proper information and communication with customers will help the firm to integrate promotional mix elements to target customers (L’Etang, 2006).


Direct Marketing: Direct marketing will be also used as a promotional element under the promotional mix for the firm. Internet marketing, direct mail, telemarketing, etc. will be used to increase awareness among the customers towards travel agency in Virginia. To target the customers in Virginia, up-to-date and interactive message will be formed according to the requirements of customers and themes that will be beneficial for the firm to increase customer base and profitability (Kim, Kwon & Chang, 2011).


So, these elements will be used under promotional mix that will be also aligned with the themes of IMC campaign. Budget for IMC Campaign As, IMC campaign is an important part of the marketing plan. To manage it effectively and avoid any problem related to money, project budget will be followed (see appendix 1). Conclusion On the basis of above discussion, it can be inferred that IMC campaign plays a fundamental role in creating a good image and attracting the customers towards the firms’ product or services. So, the firm should develop IMC campaign to align main themes of IMC campaign and communicate effectively to target customers about the intended message of company.