International Business Case Study Assignment Help Example

International Business Case Study Assignment Help Example Select one of the following cases from the International Business Textbook:

 ·         “The Russian Ruble Crisis and Its Aftermath” ·         “Molex” ·         “Merrill Lynch in Japan” International Business Case Study Assignment Help on Molex Legal, Cultural and Ethical Challenges As per the case analysis, Molex faces several legal, cultural and ethical challenges or problems in the global market. These challenges directly and indirectly influence the organizational resources, productivity, profitability and value of Molex (Gunning & Holm, 2007). There are many legal challenges for the company in context of global scenario such as: different legal systems with regard to the employment and recruitment. Along with this assignment help, different compensation norms or policy, different labor laws like child labor law etc are the legal issues for the company (Miller, 2008). According to the case study, the ethical and cultural issues/challenges for the company are different cultural attitude towards work, different language, religion, beliefs and values. In addition, Molex also faces several issues in the global market due to different communication system (Asimow & Mader, 2004). For example, English is a business or local knowledge; it is a big challenge for the company to set up a successful base for operating in other countries. So, to remove these kinds of issues, Molex should implement effective business and marketing strategies. Hence, Molex has to face several legal, ethical and cultural challenges in the international market (Gunning & Holm, 2007).

Roles of Host Governments Host government played several important and significance roles in this particular business operation. For instance, the host government conducted the audit of Molex’s business practices. In addition, host governments played a major role for Molex operations. The host government has taken steps in setting and policing the framework for international trade and investment (Doh & Teegen, 2002). The government focused on the export policies that made the operations easy for the company. Government helped to provide different facilities for the development of market through establishing a stable macro-economic framework for the company. It also worked on implementation of corporate governance and commercial law at the business level. In addition, the host government also focused on the effective management system of the company to ensure smooth functioning of the business of Molex (Ackerman, 2002).

Strategic and Operational Challenges In today’s more competitive economic dimension, global managers are facing several strategic and operational challenges in the global market. For example, the global managers of Molex are facing the strategic and operational problem related to the recruitment and staffing. In addition, they are also facing the problem related to language differences and cultural views. For instance, different culture and lack of English as a business or local knowledge are other problems that are faced by the global manager of Molex (Gunning & Holm, 2007). The global mangers are not able to formulate the recruitment policy because of differences in the law of the different countries. Along with this, they have to handle the problem related to core competencies and global collaboration. The global managers of Molex have to face problem of common goals (Miller, 2008). This is a strategic challenge for the mangers in the international market. For instance, global managers cannot implement marketing strategy of Japan in Canadian market. It is so, as the consumer buying behavior of Japanese is different from the Canadian consumers. In this situation, different parts of the company under a global manager must use whatever methods necessary to achieve the company’s central marketing goals (Gunning & Holm, 2007). In addition, the global managers have to face human rights violations and culture shock differences in negotiation style. In addition, to set up the brand image is a big strategic challenge to the global managers. Hence, it is estimated that the global managers are facing several strategic and operational challenges regarding the language, culture, recruitment, labor law and common goals (Doh & Teegen, 2002).   References Ackerman, S. R. (2002). Grand” corruption and the ethics of global business. Journal of Banking & Finance, 26(9), 1889-1918. Asimow, M. & Mader, S. (2004). Law and Popular Culture: A Course Book. USA: Peter Lang. Doh, J. P. & Teegen, H. (2002). Nongovernmental organizations as institutional actors in international business: theory and implications. International Business Review, 11(6), 665-684. Gunning, J. & Holm, S. (2007). Ethics, Law, and Society. USA: Ashgate Publishing, Ltd. Miller, C. A. (2008). Nursing for Wellness in Older Adults. China: Lippincott Williams & Wilkins. Avail original and complete International Business Case Study Assignment Help from our experts.  You can get assignment help any time from our experts.