International Trades Cutoff Assignment Help

 International Trades Cutoff Assignment Help If the nations of the world were to suddenly cut off all trade with one another, what products might you no longer be able to obtain in your country? Choose one other country and identify the products it would If International Trade Trades are Cutoff If the nations of world suddenly stop trading with each other then it may create an extreme disorder between two countries. It would create a lack of goods, which are essential for some countries or its people. It would also cause an increase in the cost of domestic products, which will reduce the purchasing power of consumers. Decrease in the consumer spending would cause a decrease in the economic growth and consequently international position of an economy. It may also turn a rich country in poor country but it will be worse for poor country as it will become poorer due to lack of international trade. The cutoff trade between the USA and other countries would cause the unavailability of various products. The cutoff off trade with Chile and Brazil would cause the unavailability of tea, coffee, fresh fruits, vegetables, several spices, dried fruits etc. as these are imported from Chile and Brazil. In the condition of stop in trade by all the countries would eliminate the availability of German Lagers, foreign luxury cars such as Ferrari, Jaguar etc. The leather, which is imported from Italy, would also not available for the USA citizens as there will not be leather shoes or handbags. The most of the electronic technologies and equipments are purchased from Japan and China. The sudden cut in trade with both the countries would reduce the availability of various electronic brand items and the people of USA have to live without them. Most of the luxury products and services are imported in USA instead of manufacturing and if US stop trade with all the countries then these luxury items will not be available for the people of USA (Rugman, 2002). If US stop trading with Europe then many cars such as Ford, Cadillac and certain grades of beef would not be available in Europe. Many types of food grains and the equipment for the preparation of food grains would not be available in Europe. US is the largest exporter of electric machinery as export of these machineries generates several billion of dollars every year for US. On the other hand China is the largest supplier of textile and apparel in US. So, if trades are stopped from China ten US has to so without certain types of textiles and silks.