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Companies are putting more emphasis on serving their customers in a professional manner. The following report studies how a cable company would develop a job description for customer service representatives it wants to hire. Further our business assignment help experts says that the recruitment and selection plan along with training plan is developed in the context of Baton Rouge. Company would work in a systematic way to hire talented people from a pool of applicants.

Selection of Location for Call Center

The city of Baton Rouge has been selected for establishing a call centre of the cable company. The city is growing. There is economic development taking place. There is $1.1 billion worth of infrastructure development projects that have been approved by the city’s administration (Baton Rouge, 2019). The traffic system is being improved. All this will create more jobs and the development of the city means there would be more demand for cable products. The city is a vibrant city with a lot of community activities. People would like to work in a call center. There are universities and colleges in Baton Rouge. The cable company can go for campus recruitment for its call center.

Job Description of Customer Service Representative

It is the responsibility of the customer service representative to provide information about the company’s products to the callers who have contacted the call centre. Customer service representative has to answer queries of customers and resolve product and service problems (Van, et al., 2010). Potential customers are converted into customers by giving them knowledge about the products of the company in a civilized manner. The customer service representative opens accounts of customers which are also updated by the representative. The individual listens to complaints and offers the best solution to the problem the customer is facing. The person informs his seniors about the complaints so that follow up can be done. The individual advises seniors about which product customers like more. Customer service representative advises the customer to buy different products of the company.  In the recruitment advertisement, job description is given. An example of such an advertisement is as follows.

A young person between eighteen to thirty-five years of age is needed to handle customer queries and solving their product related problems. Good salary and promotion chances. A person should be computer literate.

Customer service representative maintains records of interaction with the customers. The individual helps in resolving conflicts with customers. The person helps in generating sales leads (Kheng, et al., 2010). The people who show interest in the company’s products can be again contacted by the marketing team of the company.

Developing a Recruitment Program

Customer service representative is an entry-level job. Most people who apply are from diverse background (León, et al., 2017). The job requires a person with a minimum high school diploma or equivalent and zero to two years of experience in this field. The person should have knowledge of practices in the cable industry. The candidates should know briefly how things are done in the industry, what the products are and who uses them.  Many of the candidates would not have done this kind of work before and they have to be trained and groomed by the company (Castanheira and Chambel, 2010). People who are smart, articulate and energetic are needed.

Company would look for people who have good communication skills and knowledge of Microsoft Office software along with internet skills. People who can talk on the phone and do documentation and maintain records smartly are needed. The company can give advertisement in newspaper and magazines. The job requirements have to be put in an impressive manner to attract good candidates (Price, 2011). Job description in the advertisement can say that the company is looking for a person who provides support to customer on phone, through emails and social media (Martin, 2010). Company is looking for persons who possess troubleshooting skills and are ready to learn about the company’s products in depth.

Selection Process

In response to the company’s advertisement, candidates would send their resumes and covering letters at email address of the company. Covering letter gives an indication of the candidate’s writing skills and intelligence. Resumes received are compared with the job requirements. These documents are checked for grammatical and spelling mistakes. LinkedIn profiles of the candidates could be used as they give a good account of the person’s career so far. After this interview with the candidates are done. The interview could be taken by human resource employees of the company. Any senior employee who has experience as a customer service representative could take the interview as the person would know what to look for in the candidate (Nikolaou, 2011).

It would be seen in the interview whether the person is ready to listen to what the interviewer is saying. This would show whether the candidate would listen with empathy if the person is given the job. The enthusiasm of the person for working in the company is also analyzed in the interview. The degrees of the candidate are also seen whether the person is a high school diploma holder or a graduate or a post graduate. The computer skills, along with other soft skills and technical qualifications in computer applications are also looked for in a candidate (Hurrell, et al., 2013). The candidate could also be asked to make a product demonstration. The oral communication skills of the candidate are examined. After interviewing all the candidates, they are given marks by the human resource employees and better candidates are selected.


Training program of the company would involve showing new employees how to talk impressively on phone. The communication skills of the employees are enhanced by this training. Computer skills of these employees are also checked and some of them would need lessons in this regard. The human resource department would give them knowledge about the company’s products (Mathis, et al., 2014). There would be live demonstrations on how to talk to a customer and there would also be on the job training. The deficiencies of the new employees would be filled after they are given a chance to talk to customers. These employees would be taught how to make records of the interaction with the customers, how to open and update customer accounts.

Pay Structure

The total salary for customer service representative would be thirty-six thousand dollars (approx) which would include bonus, health and retirement benefits. If the employee does not do quite well, there would be no bonus but health and retirement benefits would be there if the employee gives a minimum performance. This salary would vary depending on the educational qualification and experience of the employee.


Our assignment help conclude that Most companies now develop job descriptions for all their important positions. This job description is aligned with the qualities and experience of the candidates who want to work in the company. Companies have a definite plan for recruitment- the questions that would be asked from candidates are prepared beforehand. Enterprises know what to look for in the candidates who must be having soft skills also. How employees talk and behave is important for the role of customer service representative (Deery, et al., 2010).


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