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Violations of Labor Laws Assignment Help Labor law is established to secure employees rights at workplace in terms of money, working environment. The

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establishment of labor law is the result of employee assault and other abusive behavior done by organizations. In today’s competitive environment, employees are the most important and strengthening aspect in organization so, organizations take effective care of their rights. But, till today, there are some countries, where organizations violate the labor laws (Cihon & Castagnera, 2010). This labor law case study assignment help paper will discuss the two countries, where labor law has violated and establish an environment for conducting a business in such countries.

Violation of Labor Law China is quite big and great economic country, which has developed its effective image among community of World Trade Organizations. In the establishment of such positioning of a country, employees are the most effective and helping entity. China has accused for labor law violation as it has applied several actions against labor law. The workers of China often get resident permit and first pay check after working initially (Brown, 2010). There were no protection provided to workers from resources and many under age of 15 years, children works in organizations. In China, workers were left from unemployment compensation, health insurance and pension. The factory owners didn’t follow the law of minimum wages even after the establishment that a worker should be paid minimum 31 cents for per hour (Zimmerman, 2010). Similarly, Malaysia is another origin in which several cases regarding violation of labor law have appeared in front of society.  Cambodia and Malaysia has failed to secure workers rights at extent. They were eager to recruit migrate women and girls but unwilling to give even a basis protection. A survey resulted that thousands of women and girls in Malaysia and Cambodia were mistreated as to give enough food and shelters. Since 2008, many women and girls have migrated to Malaysia as domestic workers but enforced by some unethical and illegal rules. The employer has recruited them forcefully for three month training without giving enough food, water and medical care (Huling, 2012). These actions make Malaysia in big controversies and results a huge fall in economy in that year. As the result of both countries’s such behavior, no one wants to work with even, domestic workforce started searching work in outside areas or countries. The lack of strict assessment of labor rights among country had to bear by country’s economy directly.

Impact of Conducting Business with China and Malaysia As per the two of countries was involved in violation of labor law in past years so conducting a business with these countries can be a risky option for business’ future. However, China is the most growing country in terms of business and economy but violation of labor law is one of the negative points, which might be a reason of its decline. Now, Chinese government has made several efforts to influence employers for following rules regarding labor rights. But, the strictness towards employer, who doesn’t provide a supportive environment to labor according to the labor rights, is not in that much extent as in USA (Human Rights Watch, 2012). So, this decision may make loss for business and can develop wrong image of management among market. Also our assignment help professor says that, Malaysia is doing efforts to recover from such massy image for employee behavior. The reluctant to provide basic protection among migrated women and girls is the case of 2008, which is counted in quite a recent one. The decision to do business with such country may not give that result which could be as plan. Outsourcing of employee may not as effectively possible as the business needs (USA International Business Publications, 2011). Also, the image of Malaysia can affect business of other country’s employee and that may results switching by employees to other companies. This can be huge loss to business as well as home country’s economy.

Legal and Ethical Reaction of Business Community Business community takes the violation of labor law with quite in strict way. The ignorance of laws by organizations should results a tough punishment or canceling of business license. Business community should make a proper guideline for such organizations so that they can understand their ethical responsibility to follow labor norms and rules. The community should request government to make these laws stricter so that organization frights to violate them. Also, the program to develop awareness among employees and organizations regarding labor law must be organized so that both can understand their responsibility and right (Twomey, 2009). Also, the organization that violated due to enough awareness regarding human rights should be punishable with strict law. As a reaction against violation of labor rights, business community reveals this fact in front of whole corporate world, so that organizations cannot recruit other employees. This influences that organization to developed ethical image with huge efforts. Through such reaction, faulty organizations realize their mistake or crime that they have done with their employees previously (Vandaele, 2005).  The legal reaction makes punishment for such violation so that ethical reaction should be worked to develop some learning so that they can realize their big mistake and take additional efforts to make all things to work in right way further.

Conclusion From the above discussion by our business law assignment help experts concluded that violation of labor law cannot be counted in mistake, whereas it should be counted as crimes so that organizations and countries takes it seriously. Nowadays, most of the countries follow labor law in a quite strict manner but China and Malaysia are some countries, where violation of labor laws has a high influence on organizations. Also, the program for learning and training is one the effective effort that aware people for labor law in ethical manner. If any county or organization does not follow laws even after high influence, it should be punishable in higher degree by the legal entities.

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