Last minute assignment tips

Break Your Comfort Zone:

If someone wants to complete the assignment overnight, he or she must have an ability to break the comfort zone. Lying on the bed and having a deep sleep will isn’t complete your task in last minute.


Try to avoid any kind of distraction as it can hinder your work progress. Avoid using phone and surfing social media sites so as to maintain focus in working. Multi-tasking must also be avoided and focus on one task at a time.

Google Scholar:

The students can get instant and clear idea by surfing Google scholar. When you want to gather last minute information, it is best authoritative tool. helps for students studying in AustraliaUKUSAUAESingaporeCanadaMalaysiaNew Zealand for Any topic assignments.


If you are doing more research overnight, try to write less and include only that part which is most important. As your quality of information speak a lot. Personal essays require less research, the word count must be increased by the student accordingly.

Focus on quality:

Quantity is important but if you include unnecessary information, it will be pointless. The student must maintain the quality of an assignment by researching best information.

Take a Nap:

If your concentration begins to break because of tiredness, the student can take a short nap to regain energy. This does not mean to have a deep sleep; alarm can be set for maximum 15 minutes of duration.

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