Leadership and Business Priorities Assignment Help

Leadership and Business Priorities Assignment Help


Setting business priorities and goals is imperative to accomplish the all tasks on time and ensure the successful completion of the project and operations. This business assignment help paper discusses about the different ways and reasons that are considered by leader to define business priorities. In addition to this, advice to the leader also discusses on the issue of doing one thing at the time or parallel things at same time with specific reasons and examples.


Different Aspects through which Leader Define Business Priorities: A leader plays a visionary role, so that he can direct and control his followers and motivate them to finish all the tasks on time. Apart from this, it is also the responsibility of leader to define that which work should be on priority. In order to define business priorities, firstly leader should have to decide goals and objectives to perform a task (Leadership Assignment Help). Goals and objective will enable the leader to define the priorities. The main purpose of defining business priorities is to utilize the time and resources in well optimum way and finish all the work on time (Effective Leadership Assignment Help). In order to define business priorities, leader has to consider various parameters and aspects, which are as follows:


Changes in External Market: In is the responsibility of the leader to evaluate external environment such as political, technological, and social changes, to define business priorities. Organizational strategies and environment are directly affected by the changes in external world, as all the business activities are performed for the society and nation. For example, if due to the emergence of internet, consumers prefer to enquire about products through company’s website of social networking pages. Therefore, it is the business priority to introduce a web page, so that company can develop communication with the global consumer and promote products in an easy way (Leadership and Management Assignment Help). Several firms such as Coca-Cola, Nokia, Samsung, all has introduce their website and social networking pages in different websites, such as Facebook, Twitter, etc. to understand consumer’s preferences, utilize innovative tools and define business priorities.

Competition and Market Trends: Emergence in market trends and extent of competition also affect the leader’s perception to define business priorities. It is integral for the business leader to understand the extent of competition and latest trends of the market to define its priorities, as competition and market trend sets different goals and strategies to win over competitors (Business Leadership Assignment Help). For instance, emergence of green marketing and environmental consideration has changed the perspective of automobile industry. After the introduction of hybrid technology in different companies such as Toyota, Fords, Tata Motors, etc. there is a need to take more strategic and unique action by these firms. All the automobile companies are trying to set their priorities to introduce battery cars to save fuel and to be green to protect environment from pollutions and achieve competitive advantages. Thus, these market trends and competitor’s strategies should also be evaluated before setting business priorities.


Demand of the Products and It effective Supply: Leader should also understand the demands and needs of the target market before setting priorities. The leader should have to participative and with clarity and responsibility. If the demand of electricity saving equipment and less fuel emission machinery is increasing, a leader of automobile firm, should set the priorities to manufactures equipments and machines, which can be operated through solar energy and batteries (Leadership Traits Assignment Help). In addition to this, fastest medium of supply as per the location of target market will be opted by the leader, which takes minimum time to reach the customers.


Advise to Leader on to do one thing at the time or Parallel things at same time: It is advisable for a leader to do parallel things at same time instead of performing single task, as it increases leader’s efficiency and saves time of doing different things. Leader have skills to manage and direct different people at a single time, thus, it is one of the main qualities of the leader to perform more than one task at the same time. By this way, it would be easy for them to save time, money, utilize resources and accomplish targets (Project Leadership Assignment Help). Introduction of technology and innovative tools has also increased efficiency of leader to do parallel things. For instance, by using internet, leader can observe employees performance, market requirements and competitors position at the same time. Social networking media is also an integral tool to do all these things at the same time (Leadership Approach Assignment Help). In addition to this, due to high extent of competition and changes in marketing trends, it is essential for the leader to open his eyes, ears and mind to adapt flexibilities as per the changes in the different areas and take corrective actions. By doing different task at a single time such as evaluating competitor’s strategies, setting different parameters to compete with competitors and assigning responsibilities to the executive to face competition will save both time and money. Moreover, consideration of different parameters at a single time such as social networking, green marketing corporate social responsibilities, etc. facilitates the researcher to utilize business opportunities, maximum potential of his followers to achieve goals (Leadership Theories Assignment Help). Doing parallel things at the same time is also imperative for the leaders to manage change and minimize conflicts in the firm. For instance, changes in consumer’s demand, technology, etc. create problems for the employees to perform effectively. At the same time leader can identify the market changes and implement change management programs in the firm for the employees. It also enables the leader to develop a strategies vision. For instance, Sir Richard Branson is a visionary leader, who is multitasking and performs several things at a single time. Thus, he has become s strategic leader, whose main focus is to utilize time and resources in an optimum way, thus he has become an innovative and charismatic leader (Leadership Management Theories).


Conclusion: Thus, as per above discussion by our assignment helper leaders define business priorities as per the changes in external worlds, competitors, demands of the customers, supply of the company, etc. In addition, to develop strategic vision of leadership, leaders should have abilities to manage parallel things to use time, resources, talents and skills of followers and save cost in most efficient manner.   Please send us your assignment and get best and original assignment help from our best assignment helper experts:-  info@www.assignmenthelpexperts.com