Management by Objectives (MBO) Assignment Help

Management By Objectives Assignment Help: Management by Objectives (MBO) is an elaborate, systematic, ongoing program that helps employees to understand their  objectives at organizational and personal level. This concept was given by Peter Drucker in 1954. This concept works as a process whereby employees and superiors come together to identify common goals, the employees set their goals to be achieved, the standards to be taken as the criteria for measurement of their performance and contribution and deciding the course of action to be followed.


The MBO style is appropriate for knowledge-based enterprises, where staff is competent. It is useful to build employee management, self-leadership skills and tap their creativity, knowledge and initiative. Through this system, subordinates and their superiors jointly determine performance objectives, periodically review progress toward objectives, and allocate rewards on the basis of that progress. MBO is useful to motivate employees regarding performance improvement. Apart from this our management assignment help experts says that it focuses on converting overall goals into specific objectives for organizational units and individual members. MBO makes objectives operational by a process in that they cascade down through the organization. In this, organization’s overall objectives are translated into specific objectives for each level of division, department and individual in the organization.


Six steps of MBO process As per assignment help experts following are the steps of MBO process:


Develop organizational goals: These goals are essentially strategic goals set by top management. They are based on the overall mission of the organization and address targets to be achieved by the organization as a whole.


Establish specific goals for various departments and individuals: In this step, goals are set for various levels of organization. In this, upper level managers formulate specific objectives according to their own department. Formulate action plan: An action plan is a description of what is to be done and how, when and where goals are achieved. Action plans help to achieve goals.


Implement and maintain self-control: After setting goals and determining action plans, these plans are implemented and carrying out necessary activities to accomplish these tasks.


Review progress periodically: Periodic reviews are important to ensure that plans are being implemented as expected. It make possible to assess the continuing appropriateness of the goals and to change them, if unnecessary.


Appraise performance: The appraisal focuses on the extent to which goals are met and reasons for them and actions that can be taken to prevent the same difficulties in future.


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