Management Performance Plan Assignment Help

Management Performance Plan Assignment Help

Introduction In order to manage the various activities in the organization, managers have to adopt different plans for the achievement of goals and objectives efficiently. In this paper, management performance plan and employee hiring/training/retention plan has been discussed. Along with this business assignment help, different actions and activities that should be involved in these plans are also analyzed.

Management Performance Plan Management Performance Plan is the statement that provides specific details about the areas in which employees have to improve its performance and also provide the time period during which the improvement related to Management Performance Plan Assignment Helpemployees performance and organization productivity should occur. With the help of management performance plan, organization provides goals to employees in order to make improvement in their poor skills. Management performance plan enables the manager to manage the different activities involved in the organization. In its management performance plan, organization has included the action plans in its structure. Company has taken different actions in order address the different issues such as motivation, empowerment, training and co-production with patients and families (Bacal, 2011). In order to motivate the employees, organization has adopted the reward system in its management performance plan.

Managers provide rewards on the basis of performance, which is helpful in motivating the employees for better performance. Further for the empowerment, organization has involved the diversity management program in its management performance plan. In diversity management program, organization has included different cultures and values to increase the strength of individuals (Shilling, 2008). With this assignemnt help of diversity management program, organization can be able develop the supportive working environment. At the same time, organization has scheduled the monthly training program in the management performance plan (Kenny, 2012). Through training programs, organizations can be able to improve the skills of employees for better performance. Performance management plan has also included the various benefits for the employees such as fringe benefits, health benefits and early-off for women employees. These action plans for performance management plan is helpful in achieving the goals and objectives efficiently

Employee Hiring/Training/Retention Plan Employee Hiring/Training/Retention Plan is the program, which define certain goals and strategies on the basis of which, hiring/training/retention of employees have been conducted. Well designed hiring/training/retention plan is helpful in attracting and retaining the best talent in the organization. Firstly, organizations hire the employees according to its requirement and provide training in order to develop the skills according to the organization needs. Further, organization adopts the retention plan in order to sustain the employees for long term and make them loyal for the company (Phillips & Edwards, 2008). In the employee hiring/training/retention plan, organization has taken different actions related to motivation, empowerment, training and co-productive patients and families. In case of motivation, organization has included the effective leadership strategy in order to influence them for better performance. Leader’s proper guidance to employees is helpful in understanding the culture of the company. Apart from this, company has involved different small projects in its hiring/training/retention plan in order to bring empowerment among employees of different culture and background. Company has involved the orientation program in its hiring/training/retention plans. This program is helpful in understanding the overall working environment of the organization. In order to provide effective training to new employees, orientation program is helpful in retaining the employees for the long term (Shilling, 2008). Different benefits to patients and families are also helpful in retaining the employees. Company provides same benefits to the families and patients in both performance management plan and hiring/training/retention plan. Health and fringe benefits are useful for the employees in motivating them for better performance.

Integration of Action Plan with Vision and Mission Statement Action plan that has been involved in performance management plan is helpful in achieving the mission and vision of the organizations. Motivation of employees through reward management program is useful in taking decision regarding promotion and transfer of employees. Further diversity management program, monthly training program, different benefits to families and patients is helpful in achieving the mission and vision of companies. All these actions develop the skills of employees, which will be beneficial in providing the quality services to the customers according to its service strategy. At the same time actions that has been taken in hiring/training/retention plan also ensures the integration of vision and mission statement (Axson, 2010). Company’s mission statement is to provide better satisfaction to the employees need has been fulfilled with the training and development program. Organization believes that employee satisfaction is beneficial in providing efficient services to the customers. Conclusion From the above discussion by Australia assignment writing help , it is concluded that performance management plan play an important role in managing the HR activities and performance of the employees efficiently. Reward management program, monthly training, diversity management program are the actions that are helpful in motivating the employees. Hiring/training/retention plan is also cooperative in sustaining best talent in the organization for the long term. References Axson, D.A.J. (2010). Best Practices in Planning and Performance Management: Radically Rethinking Management for a Volatile World. USA: John Wiley & Sons. Bacal, R. (2011). Performance Management. USA: McGraw-Hill Professional. Kenny, G. (2012). Strategic Planning and Performance Management. USA: Routledge. Phillips, J.K. & Edwards, L. (2008). Managing Talent Retention: An ROI Approach. USA: John Wiley & Sons. Shilling, D. (2008). The Complete Guide to Human Resources and the Law. USA: Aspen Publishers Online. Students who need management business case study assignment help can touch with our 24X7live support system or can send e-mail at