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Nowadays, managers have become the crucial person in organizational success. There are various traits that an individual should Assignment Help Serviceshave to become a successful manager. By considering these aspects by our assignment help writer, there will be discussion of role of a manager, three traits for managers and suitability of traits with management functions.


Three Traits to Be an Effective Manager An individual should possess some important traits to be an effective manager. An effective manager is helpful to grow the business and lead to be a successful organization. There are some traits that effective managers should have to develop the organizational efficiency. These traits are as follow: Flexibility and Adaptability: In the workplace, diversity is continues to rise, so that the managers should be flexible. Flexibility is quite significant trait that helps the manager to adapt the behavior for solving different types of problems in different situation. The manager can adapt different responsibilities of several positions in the organization. In the turbulent environment, flexibility is the most important trait of the organization. It is because; manager can implement flexible plans in the organization and help to make some changes in these plans. It is essential to survive the organization in competitive environment. Flexibility makes the manager effective, because they address wide areas such as organizational people, process, structure and strategy also. At the same time, flexibility is quite valuable trait of an individual that assists managers to adjust the operation according to changing conditions. The manager can adjust operating environment in two different ways that are new system design and modification in operating system. Both of these system needed flexibility to integrate changes. In addition, the flexible system is helpful for manager that has less difficulty in administrative changes. Integrity and Trustworthiness: Trust is the major characteristic that helps to develop valuable system within the organization and increase effectiveness of the managers. Trustworthiness managers are honest person, who does not cheat and decisive to the employees. If, manager has trustworthiness with employees, then it is effective to motivate the employees. Employees also work in effective way to achieve their targets and goals. In addition, without trustworthiness, stress cannot be reduced within the employees that create problem to increase the performance of the employees. Growth of the organization depends on the managers and what they do right or wrong. Trustworthiness trait is also effective in the managers, because it makes loyal with the employees, organization, outsiders and other stakeholders of the organization. If, employees have no trust on the managers, they will not respect his/her. Thus, to increase the reputation in the organization, managers should complete the promise, be honest and should not inform half truths or misleading clients.


In addition, managers should develop the effective relationship with the public and employees to develop trust on his/her and it will also build his/her reputation. Integrity: This trait is generally similar to the term honesty that is effective to develop a quality of an individual. This trait should possess by each individual to be an effective manager. Integrity is a moral wholeness that merges several aspects of the life. Lack of integrity may fail the business of the organization. There are some examples that have lack of integrity such as Enron, Tyco Anderson, WorldCom etc. Integrity includes the five things in the quality of the manager that helps him/her to manage the effective way. These five things include being accountable, clear communication, keeping promises of the employees, avoidance of hidden schedule and self knowing. An effective manager becomes master not only in organization, but also in morality by integrity. Integrity develops soundness, completeness, unity of the quality in an individual that leads his/her to be an effective manager. Otherwise, manager cannot develop respect of self, respect of others and responsibility of all the actions that are taken in the organization. You can also avail management traits case study assignment help from our experts.


Suitability of Traits in Management Functions Flexibility and adaptability, trustworthiness and integrity fit the four management functions that are planning, organizing, directing and controlling. It can be discussed below: Flexibility and Adaptability: This trait fit into the planning and organizing function of management. It is so, as only a flexible and adaptable manager can plan and organize work accordingly. Like, if the manager is flexible enough, he will plan things any time as per the requirements of management. Similarly, if he is also adaptable to the situation, he can organize the work effectively without any difficulty in time. Flexibility allows the manager to develop planning effectively even with limited resources. In contrast, if the manager is not flexible, he cannot plan with limited time and resources, as he will show resistance towards this. Flexibility also helps the managers to take approval of management for new projects. Along with this, flexible managers also successful in attaining the acceptance of their team members over any task with less efforts as compared to those people, who are not flexible. Similarly, if the manager is adaptable to any situation, he can organize the work even in adverse circumstances. Adaptable managers can well organize the projects in host country without facing issues related to language, culture and regulations.


Trustworthiness: Trustworthiness is another factor that fits into the directing and controlling functions of management. It is so, as if the manager is trustworthy, his followers will perform the task as per his directions. Similarly, due to trust factor of manager, team members also easily become ready for control measures. This trait also develops respect of manager among the team members that is also suitable for directing the members as per the requirements of the tasks in the organization. In addition, trustworthiness also develops reputation of manager in the organization that motivates the team members to put their best efforts for completing the given task by the manager. Only trustworthiness among managers can win over the critical situations that need effective direction and controlling of business activities. It is so, as if the manager is trustworthy, he can easily gain confidence of management and direct followers to do the urgent tasks or assignments without much effort. Trust factor among the managers is also helpful to direct the team members by motivating them towards the achievement of organizational goals and objectives. Furthermore, trustworthy manager can also control stress related situations to improve accepted performance. Integrity: Integrity trait is also suitable with management functions like directing and controlling. With integrity, a manager effectively communicates for directing his team members that is crucial to ensure proper information transfer. Along with this, integrity also helps the managers to keep their promises which they make with the employees about their growth and future in the organization that also helps in controlling the performance. With integrity, managers also plan proper schedule that easily direct and control performance of employees without shocking them. Moreover, integrity also develops accountability among the managers that is also helpful in taking corrective measures for controlling the performance that is below the expectations. In addition, integrity creates honesty among the managers that is used to gain confidence of team members to get the things done timely in the organization. With integrity, managers effectively implement control measures that are acceptable by the individuals in a typical organization. Conclusion It can be inferred that manager play a vital role in organizational success. Managers should also have flexibility and adaptability, integrity and trustworthiness. Along with this, all these traits are best fit with the planning, organizing, directing and controlling functions.


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