Managing Global Financial Risk Assignment Help

Managing Global Financial Risk Assignment Help In today’s corporate business environment, international (global) businesses are often exposed to the financial risks such as:  instability of currency. These types of foreign exchange (FX) risks directly or indirectly influence all the elements as well aspects of a multinational corporation. In this way, financial risks have a negative impact on the productivity, performance, profitability and sales. Additionally, auto makers’ operations and manufacturing can be affected by currency fluctuations. In this business assignment help paper, global financial risk discussed in relation to Carlos Ghosn and Nissan.

Managing Global Financial Risk In order to manage global financial risk, different types of specific and effective strategies & elements were implemented by Carlos Ghosn and Nissan. For example, new corporate philosophy and objectives were implemented by Nissan that aimed at minimizing cost as well as debts effectively. It means to reduce the global financial risks; company focused on the organizational philosophy and minimized cost and debts (Kim, 2001). On the other hand, he also communicated these long term objectives and philosophy to staff members and said that he would not tolerate anyone not complying with the objectives. At the same time, step two was also followed by them which are the identification of different exposures effectively. Apart from this, several steps were also followed by Carlos Ghosn in order to manage global financial risks. For example, company set up management teams in design, engineering and sales in order to identify specific problems in different area. In this way, they managed global financial risks. At the same time, it is also founded that both Carlos Ghosn and Nissan changed the way the company did business. Additionally, they also used Japanese culturally approved concept in which stability trumped sound financial management. They also increased productivity and reduced cost by using American business ways. For example, for the management of the global financial risks, solution strategies were also implemented by Carlos Ghosn and Nissan. In the same manner, Nissan’s strategies have been analyzed in detail. First step of Napolo’s model was also implemented by them, because the automotive industry is a large capital consumer and thus the first step that was necessary was to reduce the cost of doing business. Get 100% original and business case study assignment help services from our experts.